Crotalaria quinquefolia L. (syn. Crotalaria heterophylla L.f.);



Near Colva Beach, Goa on 28/9/09.

This could be Crotalarai quinquefolia Linn. As per description and line drawing in Flora of Mah. Vol II. The main distinguishing feature the leaves which are supposed to be 5 (rarely 3) foliate; petioles variable in lenght, from 1-8 cm, chanelled, glabrous or sparsely pubescent.   
Leaflets subsessile, usually narrow, linear, 2.5 to 11cm by 6-12 mm (rarely oblanceolate or elliptic-oblong when they are shorter and broader).  
Flowers in lax, usually terminal 10-20 flowered racemes reaching 20cm long; pedicels 6-9 mm long;bracts 6-12 mm long; foliaceous, lanceolate, very acute, persistent. Calyx campunulate, 1cm long.

Yes it is Crotalaria quinquefolia L.


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