Cryptostegia grandiflora Roxb. ex R.Br.  (Images by Santhan P. & (Dev -identified by Hemson) & Raghu Ananth (Id by Dinesh Valke & Pankaj Joshi), (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade))



These are the differences given in Factsheet:
Rubber vine (Cryptostegia grandiflora) is very similar to a closely related species that is known as purple rubber vine (Cryptostegia madagascariensis ). It is also relatively similar to the garden plant known as purple allamanda (Allamanda blanchetii). These species can be distinguished by the following differences:
  • rubber vine (Cryptostegia grandiflora) has oppositely arranged leaves with slightly reddish or purplish-coloured stalks (i.e. petioles) and midribs. Its younger branches and leaves are always hairless (i.e. glabrous), its flowers are usually pale pink in colour with a much deeper coloured throat, and its paired fruit are commonly each more than 10 cm long.
  • purple rubber vine (Cryptostegia madagascariensis ) has oppositely arranged leaves with yellowish-green coloured stalks (i.e. petioles) and midribs. Its younger branches and leaves may sometimes be slightly hairy (i.e. puberulent), its flowers are usually uniformly bright pink or purplish in colour, and its paired fruit are always each less than 10 cm long.
  • purple allamanda (Allamanda blanchetii) has its leaves arranged in whorls of three or more along its stems (i.e. they are verticillate). Its younger stems and leaves are somewhat hairy (i.e. pubescent), its flowers are usually uniformly bright pink or purplish in colour, and its rounded fruit are rarely seen.

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