Chilacayote, Malabar gourd, Fig-leaf gourd;

Fruits & Vegetables Week: Cucurbita filicifolia chilacayote or Malabar gourd: I am uploading fruit of C. filicifolia sold in stores here, known as Chilacayote or Malabar gourd, Fig-leaf gourd. From name Malabar gourd I wonder whether plant is grown in India or not.

Cucurbita ficifolia Bouché, Verh. Vereins Beförd. Gartenbaues Königl. Preuss. Staaten 12:205. 1837

Common names: Malabar gourd, fig-leaf gourd; Chilacayota (Spanish)
Long spreading perennial with orbicular-ovate to nearly reniform leaves, lobed with obtuse sinuses or merely sinuate; corolla large, spreading; fruit oblong to spherical, up to 30 cm long, green with white stripes, flesh white; seeds black.
Often sold in California stores under the name Chilacayota .