climber for ID RDS 08/08/11:  Photographed yesterday on Matheran – Neral route

I thought Cucurbitaceae…, any more pics showing leaves and tendrils?…

Looking more closely I agree – I had mistaken the dark green leaf in the background as part of the plant but the leaf in the top left and the tell-tale tendril confirm Cucurbitaceae!

Banga: Can anyone tell me whats the botanical name of the vegetable, Banga, its like cucumber but smaller in size and eaten as cucumber in the form of salad in many parts of western Haryana.

Cucurbitaceae Week: Andaman Cucurbit_RKC06_05042012: Not sure if it is a Cucurbit or Passiflora but I have observed this plant both in the forests of Andaman and Arunachal Pradesh. Pl help to ID this.

Loc: Middle Andaman, December, 2009

I think this is young Citrullus sp. (Cucurbitaceae).



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