Sago palm, queen sago, false sago, fern palm; 






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Sharing the photos of Cycas circinalis from NBNP Garden, Anaikatti, Coimbatore Dist.,
Habitat: Garden
Habit: Tree

Real good pictures… I liked the signage too, its design as well as nice painting.

Another set of Cycas circinalis growth rate photos.

“Flora picture of the year 2011” B. Rathinasabapathy: C. circinalis is endemic to South India, where is it restricted to the Western Ghats and hilly regions of the southern peninsula, in the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and the south of Maharashtra (Hill 1995). 

Fig. Cycas Circinalis L. adult with fruit

This a great shot of the female plant of Cycas circinalis 

This may be be endemic as natural, otherwise i have more than 20 plants of C circinalis in my College itself. It is a very popular in our area and nurserymen call this Cycas palm. However its male counterpart is very rare. I have seen only two male plants in Kurukshetra University Botanical Garden.

a new species of Cycas- Cycas swamyi was only recently described as new.. it was so far confused with Cycas circinalis which is found only in the western ghats.. this new species is found around Mysore in Karnataka. Beautiful photo 

Thanks sir for your kind word.
Pl. go through the link of male flower for your kind information.

Picture is very nice, but I am very much doubtful that Cycas circinalis is endemic to India. I have doubts even of its occurrence in wild naturally. Cycas rumphii and Cycas beddomei are another options. C. beddomei is endemic to India but towards the eastern side in Andhra Pradesh. Then there is a new species recorded from Karnataka which was often misidentified as Cycas circinalis.
The above plant should most probably be Cycas swamyi if this is wild.
It is till now endemic to India.

Frankly, I get confused reading this article. May be experts here in the group can conclude what I meant.

Pl. find the attached file contain the article about C. circinalis for kind information.

As per IUCN information C. circinalis is endangered and is restricted to the Western Ghats.

Please check that new species.
It was earlier thought to be circinalis.
May be you can help.
Its a news for me that circinalis is endemic to western ghats?

I am not trying to claim that the id is correct.

…, would you please send me the pdf of C. swamyi publication.
If we confirm the same we may need to write IUCN

I actually shared the pdf on this thread before….

Forwarding pl. pdf of Cycas swamyi. 

The id of the species is confirmed by Dr. S. Gopalan, Ret. Scientist from BSI, Coimbatore. As you rightly pointed out I have not heard about C. swamyi and its occurrence from WG.

The attached publication would also be a relevant literature for this thread.



This Plant was photographed at Vadodara, Gujarat. Cycas circinalis
Family: Cycadaceae
Common name: Queen sago, Fern Palm
Ref Links:

A view of megasporophyll should help in deciding whether it is C. circinalis or C. rumphii.

Cycas is the type genus and the only genus in the family Cycadaceae.



Sharing the images of Cycas circinalis from Anaikatti, Coimbatore.



Cycas circinalis L. or ‘Queen Sago’ is another Cycas which is used as ornamental in India, though it occur also as a wild plant in India and endemic to this country.
Photographed in Botanical Garden of Botanical Survey of India Dehradun.
Also attaching a document reviewing Cycas in India. (Cycas in India.pdf)



Cycas circinalis female Cone Photo :Copyright :RCSrivastava : Attachments (1). 2 posts by 2 authors.

Thanks … for a beautiful image…



Cycas species observed near the office at BR Hills Karnataka.

I think Cycas circinalis.




Cycas circinalis : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).

Wow! What a beauty !!






IBG today : Cycas circinalis L. : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (10).
It has a nameplate, so the ID is no problem!

Lovely pictures. Any idea how old this tree could be?

Good morning … Thank you very much. I have no idea about its age 🙁



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Attaching an image of a Cycas. This plant is having more than 10 heads. I have not seen a cycas with so many heads.



TMC Biodiversity Park  Thane

Date: April 15, 2018 … Altitude: about 15 m (50 feet) asl
Cycas circinalis  L.