identifica​tion no 090911sn2:   Kindly ID. this plant.Looks to be Cyperaceae species, found in the open waterlogged grassland near the edge of the cliff.

plant habit:herb
length/heigth:tiny,about 9”

cyperaceae member…

Please upload a full plant with inflorescence and leaves

id. no260111sn3:  Which grass is this

plant habit:Grass
height:about 2ft.
other info: my dogs prefered to eat only this grass and then vomitted to clean themseves.

It is impossible to identify a grass without inflorescence.

Agree with … In the absence of inflorescence even a sedge (Cyperus) will sometimes look like a grass!! 😉

This one is a sedge (Cyperaceae) and not a grass.

Cilacap Cyperaceae:  We need your help to identify our Cyperaceae from a ricefield in Cilacap.

This could be a Scirpus or Eleocharis species.

Eriocaulon species ?????????????


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Here is few pictures of cyperaceae plant-also known as Umbrella Plant.

Please help identifying this Cyperus sp. Place: AJCB Indian Botanic Garden Date: 22nd Feb, 2011