Images by Anil Thakur, (Nidhan Singh – validation by D.S.Rawat) & Dinesh Valke 



Tree Dahlia




Shrub from Ooty for identification 050311MK2: Please help to id this shrub found on roadsides of Ooty town, TN. Altitude: 2100 msl
Date: 05 Dec 2010
Height: c. 1.5 metre
Leaf: compound; 15-20 cm long
flower: c. 8cm across

The shrub is Dahlia imperialis Roezel ex E. Ortgies of Compositae; naturalized plant of Tropical American origin.




Asteraceae Week (Part I – Radiate heads) :: Dahlia imperialis at Ooty :: 16 NOV 11 11:09 :: DV14 :

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Dahlia imperialis Roezl ex Ortgies 
DAHL-ya — named for Dr. Andreas Dahl, Swedish botanist, student of LinnaeusDave’s Botanary
im-peer-ee-AL-is — imperial, regalDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: tree dahlia
Native to: Mexico, Central America and Colombia; also cultivated
References: Flowers of IndiaWikipediaDave’s GardenNPGS / GRIN
at Ooty (garden) on 16 NOV 11 

Thanks … not only for Nice pics but also for identifying mine in advance, I had shot the same from near Mussoorie…



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Tree Dahlia seen growing wild in Kodaikanal on 23/10/2008.




This was again a Dahlia sp., quite larger than growing in gardens.. shot from Shimla, this time with flowers, is this same Dahlia imperialis or some other species…

It is D.imperialis, frequently cultivated in hill stations of Western Himalaya.

Thanks … I take this as Dahlia imperialis



Asteraceae Fortnight Part I-Radiate Heads: Tree Dahlia for id from Mussoorie- NS 48 : Attachments (2).  

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This very large, almost a tree size Dahlia was shot from near Mussoorie… though no flowers were seen, the leaves and stem made me identify this as a Dahlia sp., can this be Dahlia imperialis as uploaded by …??

Have you checked for Vernonia?. A tree Vernonia (Vernonia shevaroyensis) occur in Eastern Ghats (Yercaud Hills).

Though there are no flowers (ray florets in one series) it looks to me as D.imperialis. This species is frequently cultivated as perennial ornamental herb in temperate Uttarakhand.

We have a true tree member of Asteraceae which I will upload in the Asteraceae fortnight.



Flowers for id taken from Ramgarh,Utharakand :  4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Here I attached the images of a flower taken from Ramgarh, Utharakand, during 20th November 2014. Please id the same

Dahlia imperialis.

tree dahlia 




Tree dahlia, Giant dahlia, Imperial dahlia, Bell tree dahlia : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5) 
Kindly find attached some photographs of
Tree dahlia, Giant dahlia, Imperial dahlia, Bell tree dahlia
Dahlia imperialis
Plant height: Upto 15 feet
Habit: Perennial (except herbaceous terminal parts)

Profuse flowering for 3-4 months generally from October onward
Mostly seen wild
Nativity: Mexico and Central America
Photographed at: Shimla and Solan (Himachal Pradesh) 

Beautiful, It appears to be a big tree?

yes. this is the most common color of flowers on this mysterious “tree” in most of the gardens in usa that i have seen it sort of dies down to bottom and growing back up again that fast in one season
and most other colors i have seen are white and some orange colored flowers
very nice to see them in India




Dahlia imperialis Roezl ex Ortgies : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (8)

Location: Nagarkot, Nepal  
Date: 12 November 2017
Altitude: 6000 ft.
Nepali Name : रुख लाहुरे Rukh Laahure