at Anashi WLS, Karnataka, last week of April ’10;




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  Orchidaceae: Dendrobium crepidatum Lindl. & Paxton: Dendrobium crepidatum Lindl. & Paxton, Paxton’s Fl. Gard. 1: 63 (1850). Family: Orchidaceae
Distribution: India, China, Nepal, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam.
Habit: Epiphyte or Lithophyte

Note: This is my first ever made painting of the orchid. Painted in the evening today. Just thought of sharing, though it is not good at all. But I learnt and will try to improvise. Hopefully next time I would be able to make something better. Some spots on the image are because the painting got stuck on the scanner screen.
Attached files:
1. Image of acryllic painting
2. Pencil illustration of the same
3. Protologue of the taxa

ORCHIDACEAE Juss.: Dendrobium crepidatum Lindl. & Paxton from KFBG, Hong Kong :  2 images.  7 posts by 5 authors.

Dendrobium crepidatum Lindl. & Paxton, Paxton’s Fl. Gard. 1: 63 (1850).
Distribution: China, India, Bangladesh, Laos, Mya, Thailand, Vietnam. 
I reported it for the first time from Jharkhand.

Extraordinary.. nice to know about its association with you..



Orchidaceae fortnight :  Attachments (2). 5 posts by 3 authors.
Dendrobium crepidatum seen in south Goa

the true Dendrobium crepidatum.





It is my pleasure to share few images of Dendrobium crepidatum  (Orchidaceae 

Habit: Herb 

Habitat: Epiphytic, semi-evergreen forest fringe 

Sighting: Mudigere and Sakaleshpur, Karnataka, about 1200 msl 

Date: 04-03-2016, 23-03-2016 and 28-03-2016

Thanks, …, for sharing the complete set.


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