Dendrobium microbulbon A.Rich., Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot. II, 15: 19 1841. (syn: Callista microbulbon (A.Rich.) Kuntze; );
den-DROH-bee-um — from the Greek, dendron (tree) and bios (life); tree of life … Dave’s Botanary
¿ my-kro-BULB-on ? — from the Greek mikros (small), bulbos (bulb) … Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: tiny dendrobium • Marathi: जांभळी दांडेअमरी jambhli dande amri
Endemic to: India’s Western Ghats, Nilghiris, Anamallay Hills   


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dendrobium microbulbon, mahabaleshwar, first week of march 2013
small flowers, hanging upside down from a mossy branch of syzium cumini tree
were growing quite high

Very pretty pictures.


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Dendrobium microbulbon A.Rich.
den-DROH-bee-um — from the Greek, dendron (tree) and bios (life); tree of life … Dave’s Botanary
¿ my-kro-BULB-on ? — from the Greek mikros (small), bulbos (bulb) … Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: tiny dendrobium • Marathi: जांभळी दांडेअमरी jambhli dande amri
Endemic to: India’s Western Ghats, Nilghiris, Anamallay Hills 
ReferencesFlowers of India • • Sahyadri Database • Flowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar
at Purandar on 11 MAR 09  

There are wonderful dendrobiums in south India… thanks for sharing these beautiful pics !!!

We are going to be crazy about visit to South Indian Forests……….Lovely shots …

Thank you very much ….  Welcome to Western Ghats !! There is lot of treasure here.

Very good pictures again! Petals much broader than dorsal sepals in D.ovatum and D.barbatulum whereas they are not broader in D.peguanum D.microbulbon and D.nanum


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Dendrobium microbulbon, Mahabaleshwar

Wonder. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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Orchid from Chandoli WLS. (22-01-2010).
Bot. name: Dendrobium microbulbon

Majestic beauty …

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Clicked these tiny Dendrobiums during my assignment of studying flora & fauna of an Eco-resort, near Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Beautiful Dendrobium. Thanks for showing.


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Need ID for following Orchids
Collection site: Kalsubai-Harishchandragarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Date: 15 February 2015
Collected by: …

399 Dendrobium microbulbon

0399= Dendrobium microbulbon A. Rich.


Desktop Calendar January 2012: Greetings from oikos !
Its 7th year of ‘Desktop calendars’ and we are very happy to receive a very positive support from you all. We wish that this association strengthens with time & conserve nature in some way !
2012 comes to oikos with ORCHIDS ..
A group of herbaceous plants with unique and beautiful flowers..
Orchids are either ‘epiphytic’ i.e. growing on some other plant, but not a parasite, or ‘terrestrial’ growing in soil. They need very specific conditions to grow & establish. It is difficult to set up such conditions at cities, so best practice is to conserve them with their respective habitats.
A word of caution – People get mesmerized by orchids’ beauty & try to pluck them, bring to home, plant in pots, which is actually a very dangerous trend, and it should be stopped at any cost. Now-a-days, few village people in Western Ghats tourism areas have started selling orchid flowers & bulbs for money… It is an appeal to everyone, not to encourage such destructive practices. They will grow better in natural conditions than at our homes. So lets protect forests & we can enjoy them forever….
Dendrobium microbulbon (Scientific name)
It is a common epiphytic orchid, which is endemic to Western Ghats. In Marathi it is called as Laghukand’ because of tiny bulb i.e. short stem it has. It flowers during December to January. Leaves are present only during monsoon, June to November. It is leafless when flower. Height is around 5 to 10 cm. It is seen on branches with moss or ferns.


For Identification and Sharing………:  Our sir from Nashik (…) has sent me some photographs of 3 Dendrobium sp.

a. Id needed
b. D.peguanum ???
c. D.herbaceaum ??)
for Id
I am sharing it for ID

I have seen this before.
A is Dendrobium microbulbon
C. is Dendrobium peguanum
B is very strange. There is one more orchid endemic to Kerala, Dendrobium anamalayanum, but not sure. This can also be deformed form of peguanum. Third option is Dendrobium nanum.


B) Dendrobium microbulbon
C) Dendrobium peguanum


Mahabaleshwar, MH :: Dendrobium – 3 for ID :: ARK2020-068 : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)
Seen these flowers near Wilson point in Mahabaleshwar, MH in March 2020.
They were so tiny, nearly the size of half a fingernail.
Are they Dendrobium microbulbon?
Requested to please ID.

Please check Dendrobium turbinatum!

Thanks … for feedback.
It seems D. microbulbon is a synonym of D. turbinatum.
Is it the same?

Other recipients:
I guess it is different! Thank you. Saroj Kasaju

I guess it is different!

There is a big taxonomic issue recently about the identity of Dendrobium microbulbon and D. peguanum.
What I understand is this according to the new work would be Dendrobium turbinatum as it doesnt have leaves. Dendrobium microbulbon will have leaves, but I dont agree to this treatment. Presence or absence of leaves are not important characteristics.


Dendrobium microbulbon—for sharing : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
pictures taken at Aambyvalley Rd., OFF lonavala, Pune in Feb/March 19.

Sorry This is Dendrobium terbinatum

Sorry I dont agree to this concept.
I think this is Dendrobium microbulbon.
The name turbinatum needs to be confirmed as I was unable to understand the logic. To me it was based to some assumptions which was not correct. I have seen peguanum with and without leaves and basically presence of leaves depends on how good previous years rain and how warm winter was.