Dendrophthoe falcata ?;



Which are these plants?: Shot during Katraj – Sinhagad treak, in Pune.

– Perhaps Dendrophthoe falcata



Rubiaceae for identification :: 190414MK :: April006 : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5).

Please help me in identifying this Rubiaceae tree. The fruits are of ovoid shape with 1 cm long.
Tree: 5-6 m tall
Place: Puducherry suburbs
Habitat: a garden
Alt.: 10 m asl
Date: 6 April 2014

Is it an exotic tree? difficult to identify without flower and stipule character.

The fruits could be of Dendrophthoe falcata (?). And the plant with leaves looks like Ligustrum. Need more details to confirm.

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