Dionaea muscipula J.Ellis, Nova Acta Regiae Soc. Sci. Upsal. 1: 98 1773. (syn. Dionaea corymbosa Raf.; Dionaea sensitiva Salisb.; Dionaea sessiliflora Raf.; Dionaea uniflora Raf.; Drosera sessiliflora Raf.; Drosera uniflora Raf. [Illegitimate]);
Venus Flytrap;

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please it is a carnivorous plant.
The pictures were taken from a Warsaw green house. Confirm the ID or correct it.

I think you are right. Pl. see Dionaea muscipula

Insectivorus plant-2,
Venus fly trap. F-Droceraceae

This was seen in the Mount Tomah Botanical Park. it is part of Blue Mountain which is World Heritage site.


Dionaea muscipula from Platae Paradise, Datyar, in Himachal Pradesh-GS17012022-1: 1 image.
Dionaea muscipula clicked from Platae Paradise, Datyar, in Himachal Pradesh, 29-5-2015



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