Dipcadi, दीपकाडी Deepkadi (Marathi), Katuvengain (Tamil); 
DIP-kad-ee — a Turkish name for the musk hyacinthDave’s Botanary
MON-tah-nuh or mon-TAY-nuh — of the mountainsDave’s Botanary
Native to: w Himalaya to India, Sri Lanka
As per efi thread:
On Checking the Key from BSI plant may be Dipcadi ursulae and not Dipcadi montanum as the bracts are longer than pedicel.


Dipcadi for ID: 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5).
Please validate the ID of the attached Dipcadi species.

do share some details with us wrt location, date, flower size, pedicel:bract ratio etc. if available

Please go through the following details.
Location: Tamil Nadu
Date: August 2012
Height: Upto 35 cm long
Flower size: 1.2 -1.25 cm long
Pedicel: 2 mm long
Stamens: 6.
3 stamens attached in the inner lobe and 3 are in between inner lobes. In the outer perianth lobes there is no stamens.

…, Thank you very much for your great dedication.
This is validated as D. montanum and one article already published (Copy attached). Prabhu Kumar 120-123 new.pdf- 1 MB.

Fwd: Preview of the MS : Attachments (1). 5 posts by 5 authors.
Please find the paper published with the help of eflora, special thanks to … and team members for your great support
Critical notes on the occurrence of Dipcadi montanum (Dalz.) Baker (Hyacinthaceae) in South India Prabhu Kumar K M 1, Binu Thomas2, V Sreeraj2, Indira Balachandran1 and A Rajendran2 Science Research Reporter, 3(2): 120-123, Oct. 2013

Thanks & congrats, …,
I think you are talking about this thread (Dipcadi for ID:) which went unconfirmed.
Can we take it now as Dipcadi montanum ?

As I remember somebody from India itself has proposed this variety as a distinct species as D.madrasicum. I do not know whether it was published or not.

Dipcadi montana? : 7 posts by 1 author. Attachments (6)
I had gone through Liliaceae page; I had a plant which is almost same as Dipcadi montanum, but the flower is green; please validate the identity of the plant. 

Mam it seems Dipcadi montana only, It is frequently available around Chennai 

May I request you to pl. validate this species as you have published a paper on this.

Thank you …; after critical reading of the paper I confirm the species I collected from N.Konda (a small hill) near Nellore is Dipcadi montanum only

Pls share the information regarding the place of collection and height of plant. I feel some differences from the specimen which I have collected.

It is collected from Nellore of A.P; and also in Velugonda a place in Nalla mala hills near Srisailam of A.P.
Perennial; bulbous geophyte; bulb tunicated, white, 4-6 cm across, globose. Leaves radicle, 10-15 × 0.5-1 cm, thick, canaliculated, acute.  Flowers drooping, dull green, 1-1.5 cm long, 3-4mm across, 3-merous, racemosely, laxly arranged on 30 cm long, stiff scape; pedicel 0.3-0.4 cm long. Perianth lobes 6 in 2 whorls of 3 each, linear oblong. Stamens 6, inserted, connate with perianth lobes at base; anthers yellow, oblong. thin, campanulate. Ovary sessile, 3 loculed, ovules many in each cell; style filiform, stigmas capitate. Fruiting scape elongates to 40-60 cm long. Capsule 1cm across, deeply 3-lobed, loculicidal, 3-valved. Seeds orbicular, flat, 0.5 cm across, black.

I have planted the tuber of Dipcadi in my house, attaching the close up of flowers, these are the flowers I got in that  plant.
Attachments (2)- around 1 Mb each


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