Dolichandrone arcuata (Wight) Clarke, Fl. Brit. India 4: 380 1884. (Syn: Spathodea arcuata Wight);
Images by N Arun (Id by N Muthu Karthick & A. Lalithamba) & N Muthu Karthick (Id by Tanay Bose & Satish Chile), (Inserted by Gurcharan Singh & J.M.Garg) (Please click link to see details).


South India (as per WCSP)

Medium sized trees; to 15 m high; bark brown, peeling off in thin flakes, blaze dull yellow. Leaves compound, imparipinnate, opposite, estipulate; rachis 7-20 cm long, slender, tomentose; leaflets 5-11, opposite; petiolule to 5-30 mm, slender, tomentose; lamina 4-7.5 x 2-4 cm, oblong, ovate, orbicular or elliptic-ovate; base oblique or acute; apex acute or obtuse; margin entire, pubescent, coriaceous; lateral nerves 5-6 pairs, pinnate, slender, prominent; intercostae reticulate, faint. Flowers bisexual, white, few in terminal corymbs or panicles; calyx spathaceous, split on one side and recurved to 2.5 cm, pubescent; corolla 4 cm across, tubular, widened at mouth, tube 6 cm, lobes 5, fringed; stamens 4, didydynamous, divaricate, included, filaments 5 and 7 mm long; disc annular; ovary 5 mm, sessile; ovules numerous, style 2 mm; stigma 2 lobed. Fruit a capsule, 2 valved, upto 45 x 1.5 cm, linear, terete, pubescent, speckled with white dots, curved; seeds 0.6 mm, winged.

Flowering and fruiting: October
Dry deciduous forests
Peninsular India (endemic)
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal )

Dolichandrone atrovirens – Bignoniaceae: 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)

photos taken in Melkote, Karnataka of Dolichadrone atrovirens of the Bignoniaceae family.
A deciduous tree, upto 16m tall. Pinnate leaves, leaflets velvety and wavy.
the Flowers are a beautiful white and are delightfully fragrant..

I doubt the last picture could be Dolichandrone arcuata

efi page on Dolichandrone arcuata & Dolichandrone atrovirens  

it looks Dolichandrone arcuata, the leaf structure and pubescence indicate it as D. arcuata


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(Specimen) India Biodiversity Portal  Kerala plants  Plant illustrations  An Excursion Flora of Central Tamilnadu, India By K. M. Matthew (details with keys)

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