Dombeya burgessiae Gerrard ex Harv. & Sond., Fl. Cap. 2: 590 1862. (syn: Assonia burgessiae Kuntze; Assonia calantha Stuntz; Assonia sparmannioides Hiern; Dombeya angulata Mast. [Illegitimate]; Dombeya antunesii Exell & Mendonça; Dombeya auriculata K.Schum.; Dombeya burgessiae var. crenulata Szyszyl.; Dombeya burttii Exell; Dombeya calantha K.Schum.; Dombeya concinna K.Schum.; Dombeya dawei Sprague; Dombeya endlichii Engl. & K.Krause; Dombeya gamwelliae Exell; Dombeya globiflora Staner; Dombeya greenwayi Wild; Dombeya johnstonii Baker; Dombeya kindtiana De Wild.; Dombeya lasiostylis K.Schum.; Dombeya mastersii Hook.f.; Dombeya nairobensis Engl.; Dombeya nyasica Exell; Dombeya parvifolia K.Schum.; Dombeya platypoda K.Schum.; Dombeya rosea Baker f. ; Dombeya sparmannioides (Hiern) K.Schum.; Dombeya sphaerantha Gilli; Dombeya tanganyikensis Baker; Dombeya trichoclada Mildbr.; Dombeya velutina De Wild. & Staner);
Pink wild pear, Pink dombeya;



051110PR-1 Bangalore For ID – efloraofindia | Google Groups : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
This small flower, 2 cms across, was on a small tree/ large shrub, leaning over the wall of a nursery at Bangalore.
Please help me id it.

I don’t think this is Hibiscus tiliaceus……… 

I think the flower though imitates to have a monadelphous stamens but I think actually it doesn’t have one !! I am not very sure 

This would be Dombeya burgessiae of Sterculiaceae

Dombeya seen in Lalbagh earlier this month (31.1.17)

For Species id please.

Dombeya wallichii

sorry for wrong name this is Dombeya burgessiae not Dombeya wallichii  




Malvaceae week : Dombeya acutangula: Malvaceae week: Dombeya acutangula
Observed in a private bungalow in Pune. Not sure of the species name though 

Where in Pune?
The stigma appears a sif there is a small Tagar flower within the flower. 

At many places in Pune planted as ornamental. Nearest to me is in Mayur colony/ Ideal colony area at least two places I know of.

Looks different from images of Dombeya acutangula at






PLANT FOR ID 21 SMP18/10/2008 : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)

A large shrub or a small tree. Planted in garden of a bungalow in Kothrud Pune.

Appears to be non native and from family Malvaceae.

This appears to be some sort of Dombeya species, though I’m not certain of the species.

It seems to be Dombeya burgessiae:
Thanks, … Though … book gives Dombeya acutangula in his 2nd book with almost the same picture as posted by …, I find pictures on net for this species which are either white or pink without any pink center as in the posted picture. See the link:

Looks different from images of Dombeya acutangula at




Dombeya sp-1 for ID_DSR : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5).

This Dombeya sp is a small tree or shrub planted in gardens of Pantnagar, Uttarakhand.
Not able to determine ID up to species level.
Please suggest ID.

Appears like Dombeya spectabilis For other species pl. refer to Dombeya  

Thank you … I am taking it as D.spectabilis.

May I have keys from Flora of India. These cultivated species are really confusing.
As per keys in Flora of Pakistan, linear bracts are found in

Due to lock down it is not possible to go to the department where flora volumes are kept.
After normalisation I will be able to send keys.

I shall be looking for keys to sort out our species in EFI.

It is likely Dombeya burgessiae but this species is quite variables I can not be 100% sure.



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