Canary Islands Dragon Tree, Drago, dragon blood tree;
Macaronesia, Morocco (as per WCSP);

Images by Samir Takaochi – identified by Pankaj Kumar, (inserted  by Bhagyashri Ranade)


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I found it at garden near Dharuhera. It looks like Yucca but I was not able to find exact name. Could you some one advice me?

This is not Yucca, this is Dracaena , most probably Dracaena draco





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Dracaena draco 
Dragon tree/ Draco
Family – Asparagaceae
Photographed at Ooty Botanical Garden, Tamil Nadu
Dated – 12January2019

wonderful. is the foliage red/brown because of winter?

Thanks … No not due to winters it’s naturally maroon colored leaves. 




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Dracaena draco from Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney

Looks different from images at Wikipedia  Dave’s Garden
Pl. check.