Dracaena ombet Heuglin ex Kotschy & Peyr., Pl. Tinn. 47 1867. (syn: Dracaena ombet subsp. ombet ; Draco ombet (Heuglin ex Kotschy & Peyr.) Kuntze);
Dragon Tree;
NE. Trop. Africa, W. Arabian Pen. (as per WCSP)

I am Egyptian conservationist, I work in Elba Mountain Park in Egypt, and I have started a small project for conservation
of the Dracaena ombet tree as there is no available information about the status of this tree around the world.
This tree listed as EN in IUCN red list, so I hope I can find interested persons who have worked or interested in assessment of the status of this tree species in other parts of their ranges (Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Saudia Arabia).
We look forward to any research or support you can give as a power to complete our work to prepare a first action plan for conservation of this rare and endangered species in mountain areas of the world.
I wait for your input about whether we can cooperate for the conservation of our mountain biodiversity.