plant id: Kindly confirm whether this plant is Song of Singapore.
It grows almost 4-5 ft. had got small flowers purple in color. You can see the dried flowers

Dracaena reflexa, commonly called (the variegated one) as the Song of India plant, I really never understood why??


Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-Pune
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-Garden
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Shrub
Height/Length- about 3 feet
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-Variegated
Flowers and fruits not seen

Yes Dracaena reflexa ‘Variegated’ (syn: Pleomele reflexa), the Song of India

Ornamental Plant for ID : Nasik : 021111 : AK-1: An Ornamental plant seen at Sula Vineyards, Nasik on the 24th of Sept,2010.

A cultivated plant.
No flowers or fruit seen.


Dracaena reflexa

Song of India


Ornamental for id – 121012 ANB-0007 – Mumbai: I would like to know the name of this ornamental. The leaves are very attractive, I don’t have the exact measurements but the leaf is roughly around seven inches long.

dracena song of india

Dracaena reflexa (syn Pleomele reflexa) commonly called the Song of India. Check for the variety.

Yes the images on net are matching with this. It has to be Dracaena reflexa called as “Song of India
It is a monocot from the family Asparagaceae.

Native to Madagascar, Mauritius and nearby islands of the Indian ocean.

Commonly grown as ornamental.



Requesting ID of this plant – Mumbai :29072013 : ARK-02 : July 2013 : Attachments (3). 3 posts by 2 authors.

Requesting to please ID this plant captured in a private housing complex in Mumbai in July 2013.

Dracaena reflexa


March 2014,Pune

sharing images of flowers of Dracaena reflexa which is blooming after 3 years again.

The buds were dark purple. It took 1 month for the flowers to open from bud stage. The flowers have no fragrance. There were also some droplets of fluid on the inflorescence. noticed wasps and ants as visitors.

Ornamental For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 200114 : AK-11 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).

Seen at Lalbagh, Bangalore on 25/11/13.

A cultivated, potted, ornamental plant.

Dracena species. Could be a variety of D.compacta or D.fragrance. Check for specific characters.

Thanks for resurfacing and a lead in this ornamental.

Will try searching further.

This plant could be Dracaena sanderiana?

Appears so as per images at

Please also look at Dracaena reflexa ‘Variegata’,

This is neither D. fragrans nor D.  braunii (Syn. D. sanderiana).

This ornamental variegated plant is some cultivar of Dracaena reflexa.


BRS 010418 002 : 4 posts by 3 authors. 2 images- 1 mb or more.
I have attached photos for id. Confirmation.
Date: 01.04.2018
Location: Anaikatti, Coimbatore
Habitat: Garden
Habit-: tree

Dracena sp.

Pl. check comparative images at Dracaena

Closet I can go as per comparative images at Dracaena is Dracaena fragrans (L.) Ker Gawl.

To me it looks different from Dracaena elliptica as per
POWO  FoC illustration

I feel it may be Dracaena angustifolia as per

A cultivated species similar to D. angustifolia.

Maybe Dracaena reflexa as per
Pl. confirm.