Dyerophytum indicum (Gibbs ex Wight) Kuntze (Oman (Dhofar, Mascat & Oman), India as per Catalogue of India)



Species as
per Flora of Peninsular India

Dyerophytum indicum

Flora of the Indian Desert by M. M. Bhandari MPS Repros, 1990 – Botany435 pages-

Vegetation Ecology of Socotra By Gary Brown, Bruno Mies
Dyerophytum pendulum (Balf.f.) Kuntze (No distribution in
D. socotranum (No distribution in

Plants of Dhofar: The Southern Region of Oman : Traditional, Economic and Medicinal Uses by Anthony G. Miller, Miranda Morris, Susanna Stuart-Smith- Office of the Advisor for Conservation of the Environment, Diwan of Royal Court, 1988 – Botany361 pages-

Dyerophytum is a small genus of three species distributed in India, southern Arabia, Socotra and southern Africa. D. indicum is widespread in the drier parts of Oman, and outside Oman is known only from western India and Socotra. Another …

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I have updated eFI (efloraofindia) page on ‎Dyerophytum

Attempts have been made to incorporate most of the species available in India & nearby areas with details & keys directly or through links as far as possible. It’s quite possible that there may be some discrepancy in the accepted names & synonyms taken from other links.

Species discussed so far in efloraofindia are given at the bottom of the page in the form of links against Subpages. On clicking them one can see all the details.

If someone can provide complete list of Indian species with source references it will be wonderful.

Any comments/ corrections are welcome.

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