Echinopsis subdenudata Cárdenas, Cact. Succ. J. (Los Angeles) 28: 71 1956. ;
Echinopsis, Easter Lily Cactus, Night-blooming Hedge-hogs;

CACTUS BLOOM: Cactus bloom..this particular cactus was looking exactly the same from the time i got it a few years ago.. and for the first time, it sent forth a flower! here it is in all its glory.
the bud started opening late at night and was surprised to see it in good shape throughout the next day. it has a very slight fragrance

id help appreciated

is it an Echinocactus species?

Oh such a beauty.I am sure it must have filled you with joy

It reminded me of Night Blooming Cereus.
I think this cactus is Echinopsis subdenudata
I hope it helps

Yes … and … the similarity between this flower and night blooming cereus- epiphyllum oxypetalum is striking! Such different bodies and yet such similar flowers….