Eragrostis gangetica (Roxb.) Steud., Syn. Pl. Glumac. 1: 266 1854. (Syn: Eragrostis brownei (Kunth) Nees ex Hook.; Eragrostis brownii (Kunth) Nees ex Steud.; Eragrostis cambessediana (Kunth) Steud.; Eragrostis dakarensis A.Chev.; Eragrostis dumasiana A.Chev.; Eragrostis elegantula Nees ex Miq.; Eragrostis flamignii De Wild.; Eragrostis kalinaensis Vanderyst [Invalid]; Eragrostis ovina (Hochst. ex A.Rich.) Steud.; Eragrostis ovina Hochst. ex A. Rich.; Eragrostis pumila A.Chev.; Eragrostis stenoclada J.Presl; Eragrostis stenophylla Hochst. ex Miq.; Eragrostis vinicolor A.Chev. .; Eragrostis willdenowii Nees ex Steud. [Invalid]; Poa cambessediana Kunth; Poa floribunda Willd. ex Spreng. [Invalid]; Poa gangetica Roxb.; Poa ovina A.Rich.; Poa stenoclada (J.Presl) Kunth);
Africa, Indian Subcontinent to Borneo: Angola, Assam, Bangladesh, Benin, Borneo, Botswana, Burkina, Burundi, Cameroon, Caprivi Strip, Central African Repu, Chad, Congo, East Himalaya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, India, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Laos, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaya, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Nicobar Is., Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Uganda, Vietnam, West Himalaya, Zambia, Zaïre, Zimbabwe; Introduced into: Alabama, Belize, Colombia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Venezuela as per POWO;



Poaceae, Cyperaceae and Juncaceae Week: Poaceae-01042013GS1 grass (Eragrostis?) from Morni for ID-GS7 : 3 images. 3 posts by 3 authors.
This grass perhaps a species of Eragrostis was photographed from Tikkar Tal lake in Morni, Haryana, growing along banks. Pl. help in ID

Pending with me also

This is Eragrostis stenophylla of the Fl. of British India. However, this is a taxonomically controversial species. The species is often referred as E.gangetica at many places, but E.gangetica is an annual species, whereas this one is a perennial species found in moist localities (It is very difficult to uproot this species by hand due to its strong below ground parts). Another species which is very similar is E. atrovirens, but it does not have glandular patches. This picture shows several glandular patches.
Though E.stenophylla has been considered by many authors to be synonymous with E.gangetica, E.atrovirens, E.nutans, etc., it is safe to preserve the name E.stenophylla

Nice plant of Eragrostis. We have several species in Delhi, I have uploaded two for ID. Any idea?

Eragrostis gangetica (Roxb.) Steud. Syn. Pl. Glumac. 1(3): 266. 1854.
Poa gangetica Roxb. Hort. Bengal. 8. 1814.