Eremurus himalaicus Baker , J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 15: 283 1876. (Syn; Henningia himalaica (Baker) A.P.Khokhr.);




Lahaul Valley, Lahaul & Spiti Dist. Himachal Pradesh;  Eremurus himalaicus Baker – efloraofindia | Google Groups



Eremurus himalaicus from Kashmir: Eremurus himalaicus from Pahalgam, Kashmir. Photo taken on June 03, 2011.





Planted 40 years ago by me in my house in Kashmir, luckily many plants are surviving, one was in flowering. It was a real pleasure to see it after so many years. uploading some photographs. Quite common in Kashmir valley on slopes. 

It must be satisfying to the heart and mind to see one’s own plantings survive and bloom..

If I remember this is is lily, so a bulb … shouldn’t it then have multiplied and almost taken over your land in 40 years?
or does it propagate very slowly?

Fortunately not, … plants like Fritillaria imperialis, Eremurus himalaicus, Tulipa stellata, which do so well in their hilly habitats tend to lose their vigour in city’s polluted environment, and may not multiply that much. Many also turn vegetative and rarely flower. I have only one in flower out of more than plants, and that two has single scape emerging from the tuft of leaves.

Dachigam Flower ID: 27May12: SJ 1:

First of all, I should clarify that the images I am posting from Dachigam are not a result of my visit there. It is my brother, who lives in Srinagar, who went there and emailed these to me since I am interested in plants and flowers, and wondered if I could get the IDs. My apologies if my first email of day before has misled the group.
Would appreciate your help with the ID of this beautiful flower.




Eremurus species from Paddar valley J&K:

Sharing some early spring plants of Western Himalayas
Kindly confirm ID
Bot. name: Eremurus himalaicus
Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae
Location: Paddar valley J&K
Date: 19th April 2012
Altitude: 2800 meters asl
Habit/habitat: Wild edible herb

Yes …



Eremurus Species : White Flowers : New York,US : 28SEP17 : AK-23 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Eremurus flowers seen at Battery park in Manhattan.

Cultivated garden plants seen on 20th June,17.

Search leads to Eremurus White Beauty.
…, are these the same found in Kashmir, Eremurus himalaicus

Yes looks like Eremurus himalaicus only, often cultivated in colder climates.