Here’s is the key from Dr. Almeida’s flora : pg 42, Vol V-A 
Eria Lindl. (nom.cons.)
1.Flowers solitary on slender scapes E. reticosa
1.Flowers in racemes or spikes——————————————————————2
   2. Inflorescence tomentose E. pubescens
   2. Inflorescence glabrous———————————————————————3
     3. Small plants less than 10 cm high; leaves less than 8 cm long; sepals and petals greenish-yellow—–4
       4. Plants leafless at flowering time E. exilis
       4. Plants leafy at flowering time; scape straight——————————-5
         5. Margins of sepals entire; lip ovate-lanceolate E. conrardii
         5. Margins of sepals ciliate with minute gland-tipped hairs; lip pandurate E. microchilos
     3.Plant exceeding 10 cm high; leaves 10-20 cm long; sepals and petals whiteE. mysorensis

Extended distribution of Eria spicata – Richardiana : With Artificial key to the species under Section Pinalia, Genus EriaEria bipunctata, Eria connata, Eria globulifera, Eria meghasaniensis, Eria occidentalis, Eria pumila, Eria spicata) 


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