Eriocaulon heterolepis Steud., Syn. Pl. Glumac. 2: 271 1855. ?;


On 18/10/08 in Narshapur forest, Medak Distt.,  AP  Eriocaulon heterolepis (rosulate-leaved pipewort)? – indiantreepix | Google Groups
19th Oct., 2009- Phansad WLS, Near Alibaug; Eriocaulon heterolepis – efloraofindia | Google Groups




Requesting to please ID this Eriocaulon species captured at Kanheri Caves, SGNP in Aug 2014.

I think lower portion is also required for proper Id.

Hopefully the newly attached pics help to ID… Attachments (2)

Can these be Eriocaulon heterolepis?




identification no141211sn2: Kindly Id this plant.

plant habit:herb
height:about1-2 ft.
other info:small ball at the end of long grass like tube

Eriocaulon (could be E. heterolepis, not sure) … family: Eriocaulaceae.

Eriocaulon species.

… you didn’t made a bad guess the plant surely looks like Eriocaulon heterolepis to me too

Eriocaulon is a very difficult genus with a lot of variations. Identification by vague photographs is not a good practice!!!

what … says :
agree with him in many such cases…

can … supply more pictures please? esp if this genus is not so easy to classify?



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