by Shobha Halwe-Chavda (Identified by Aaron Floden) & Pravin Kawale (Inserted by J.M.Garg)


Amazon Lily;


Lily Flower for Id:   Posting a photo for Id of this beautiful lily flower from my garden.

Date / Time – 11th Jan. 2011 / 10.00 am.
Location – Place /Altitude / GPS – Versova,Mumbai
Habitat – Garden/ Urban/ Wild / Type – Garden
Plant Habit – Tree/Shrub / Climber /Herb – Herb

A variety of Eucharis grandiflora. Amazon lily. See the link www.toptropicals.com for different varieties.

I too think it is Eucharis grandiflora because the stamens are fused with corolla and anthers are white in colour unlike Narcissus which are yellow. The inner part of corolla is greenish which exactly matches with E.grandiflora.

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Location: Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal 

Date : 13 August 2017
Altitude : 2600 ft.

Garden plant !

Eucharis grandiflora 

Amaryllidaceae (Formerly: Amaryllidaceae / Liliaceae)

amazon lily

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Woody Garden herbMuzaffarpur in Bihar,Fl.:15th Oct

please show the plant, leaves, stem etc

Kindly provide photographs of leaves also

Eucharis sp. Amaryllidaceae

Thanks …
I hope Eucharis grandiflora.


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