asthma plant, common spurge, sneeze weed • Bengali: barokarni, barokherni • Hindi: बड़ा दुधी bara dudhi, दुद्धी duddhi, लाल दुधी lal-dudhi, मोटी दुधी mothi dudhi • Kannada: achchedida, akkigida, kempuneneyakk • Konkani: दुदुर्ली dudurli • Malayalam: നിലപ്പാല nilappaala • Manipuri: pakhamba maton • Marathi: दुधी dudhi • Prakrit: दुद्धिआ duddhia • Rajasthani: dhedhi-dudheli • Sanskrit: दुग्धिका dugdhika, क्षीर ksira, नागरी nagari, नागार्जुन nagarjun • Tamil: அம்மான்பச்சரிசி amman-paccarici • Telugu: నానపాల nanapala;
kam-ay-SY-kee — from the Greek chamai (on the ground) and skyon (fig)
HER-tuh — meaning, hairy
Distribution: pantropical
Edible use (FAMINE FOOD): … young leaves and shoots (as VEGETABLE)

Euphorbiaceae Week: Euphorbia hirta from Delhi:  Euphorbia hirta L., Sp. pl. 1:454. 1753
syn: Chamaesyce hirta (L.) Millsp,  Euphorbia pilulifera L.
A very common weed of wastelands and roadsides in Delhi.
Common names
English: asthmaplant,  garden spurge, pill-bearing spurge
Hindhi: Dudhi
Beng: Barokherule
Mar: Dudhi, mothidudhi, dudali
Guj: Dudeli
Tel: Reddinnanabrolu, bidarei
Tam: Amampatchaiarisi
Mal: Nelapalai
Mumbai: Nayeti 


Euphorbia hirta of Euphorbiaceae family. If break you get milky latex from all parts.
more info @ Phycogrev

Some More pics from panipat institute of Eng and technology GTRoad

One of the few plants which have not undergone any change in the name for a long time (more than 30 years)!

Here is a close up of E. hirta (Euphorbiaceae)


Euphorbia hirtha @ Mumbai: May 05, 2011. In a local garden.

Adding my picture; I might have posted it earlier…..

Here is one of of my pics.


efloraofindia:”For Id 19102011MR1’’ wild plant with pale green flowers Pune: Date/Time-Sep & Oct 2011

A wild plant 8-10 cms in height at Pune

green leaves with magenta midrib and pale green flowers
no fruits seen

One query. In the last picture the leaf margins are folding and also there is no purple spots. Is it a variant or is it that the purple spots may or may not be present?

Euphorbia hirta dudhi in local

Your line of thinking is correct. It is Euphorbia hirta. Soon you will see the trilocular fruits.


Wild Weed for ID : Euphorbia : Nasik : 131112 : AK-2: A small wild weed growing in our Nasik garden on 5/11/2009. Its some Euphorbia species. Species id please.

… to me: Euphorbia hirta (family Euphorbiaceae)

Fully agreeing with … id…

I too thought so, … because this plant grows everywhere around us!

As … said it is one of the common herbs seen around our habitations.
Tamil name: Ammaan pachcharisi ‘அம்மான் பச்சரிசி’

Hooghly Today : Euphorbia hirta Linnaeus:  A very common herb in wasteplace and roadside, Euphorbia hirta Linnaeus, photographed today in Hooghly. Old records (Prain + Voigt) say it is বড় কেরুঈ in Bengali. But, according to “Plant Groups” it is বড় করণি !
ID Help :

Now, i can also see those square boxes, don’t know why. The Bengali names are either BARO KERUI or BARO KARNI or both, as have been recorded in books.

A little while ago i come to know that “Euphorbia hirta L. is known as Boro Kerui, Baro Kherui or Baro Dugdhika according to Auyrvedacharya Shivkali Bhattacharya (Chiranjeeva Bonousodhi, Vol-9, page -101).

It is nice to see a mention of late Kaviraj Shivkali Bhattacharya in your email. A naturopath friend in Bhavnagar had told me about his profound knowledge of herbs and Ayurveda.

Here is the cover of a volume of the “Chironjib Bonoushadhi” (CHIRANJEEVI VANOUSADHI) by Kaviraj Shivkali BhattacharyaAllbengalibooks.

Euphorbiaceae fortnight :: Euphorbia hirta L. .from Assam, KD 06 : Attachments (4). 2 posts by 2 authors. Attached images are Euphorbia hirta L..
Date :02.11. 2013
Location: Kamrup district (Metro), Assam
Family : Euphorbiaceae



Euphorbiaceae Fortnight : 02112013MR07 Euphorbia hirta from Pune -MR07 : 5 images. 3 posts by 2 authors. sharing images of Euphorbia hirta at different places at different times at Pune



Euphorbiaceae fortnight :: Euphorbia hirta in Thane :: DV14 : 2 images. 5 posts by 3 authors.Euphorbia hirta L. in Thane during various dates



Euphorbiaceae Fortnight : Euphorbia hirta L. SM3 : Attachments (4). 5 posts by 3 authors. Euphorbia hirta L @ Joggers Park, Juhu

Euphorbia hirta is correct.


Attached are pictures of Euphorbia hirta from Mumbai in October 2012.

Euphorbia hirta.


Euphorbia hirta L. is one of the most common weed in Pantnagar

At least 10 entries already.

Many entries indicate it as most common Euphorbia in India.


Euphorbiaceae Fortnight : Euphorbia hirta : Nasik : 061113 : AK-20 :  Attachments (1). 2 posts by 2 authors.

Euphorbia hirta seen in Nasik.

One of the commonest species in India.


Euphorbia hirta L., Sp. pl. 1:454. 1753

syn: Chamaesyce hirta (L.) Millsp, Euphorbia pilulifera L.

A very common weed of wastelands and roadsides in Delhi, J & K and Chakrata.

Okay Sir. In fact I am forwarding all images of Euphorbia to …

EUPHORBIACEAE FORTNIGHT:: Euphorbia hirta NS-15 : Attachments (5). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Wanted to share my pics of this very common Euphorbia

Euphorbia hirta…. perhaps this is much loved by ants..

Right sir.


Euphorbia hirta

One of the commonest weed in India.

Euphorbiaceae Fortnight : Euphorbia For ID : 111113 : AK-78 : Attachments (1). 4 posts by 3 authors.

A small herb found growing wild in Muscat.

Euphorbia hirta?

Yes, indeed…

Yes. This is Euphorbia hirta L.

Euphorbia hirta L. SN April 28 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).

Euphorbia hirta L., Fam Euphorbiaceae, weed in rainfed fields. Latex beraring herb, used as a diuretic.

Yes a common weed of winter season in our area (Panipat) too, thanks …

Euphorbia For ID : Muscat : 210414 : AK-15 :  3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).

A wild weed seen on 28/6/13.

Euphorbia hirta?

Kindly confirm id.

Yes, Euphorbia hirta..

Pink Herb for ID, Rajasthan NAW-JAN15-03 : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
Kindly identify this minute herb photographed at a lakebed in Ajmer district, Rajasthan in December 2014.
Pink leaves about 1 cm long. Minute pink flowers. Height of herb about 10-15 cm.

Looks like Euphorbia hirta.

Euphorbia hirta L.

Yes, this is Euphorbia hirta L., a common weed throughout India.
The pink colouration is due ecological factors.


Euphorbia hirta L. : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)

Location: Relli River,Kalimpong, India
Date: 24 May  2017
Altitude: 2000 ft.
Nepali Names : आँख्ले झार Ankhle Jhaar / दुधे Dudhe  / दुधे झार Dudhe Jhaar  / दुधिया Dudhiyaa / रातो मासे लहरा Raato Maase Laharaa / रातो लहरे घाँस Raato Lahare Ghaans / चिम्फर  झार Chimphar Jhaar / जोतने झार Jotane Jhaar   



070619AB1 ID – Euphorbia? : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

Identification, please. Looks like genus Euphorbia. Euphorbia hirta?
Date/Time- November 4, 2017; 09:22 AM
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS- Eastern Melghat; 21°17.483′ N, 77°22.530′ E

Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Wild
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb-  Herb
Height/Length- 2-3’ Height

Yes it is Euphorbia hirta 


Euphorbiaceae (castor, euphorbia, or spurge family) » Chamaesyce hirta
Synonyms: Euphorbia hirta, Euphorbia pilulifera
kam-ay-SY-kee — from the Greek chamai (on the ground) and skyon (fig)
HER-tuh — meaning, hairy
Distribution: pantropical
Edible use (FAMINE FOOD):
… young leaves and shoots (as VEGETABLE)Plants For A Future<

– This is really strange and interesting. We generally avoid species of Euphorbia with milky latex.


For id- Rajouri j and k Habit: Herb: 1 high res. image.
Location: Rajouri j and k
Habit: Herb

Euphorbia hirta, I think.
I have noticed similar color changes to leaves in dry areas.

Yes !



Euphorbia Species for ID : Nasik : 22DEC21 : AK – 22: 3 images.
Euphorbia Species seen growing wild.
Euphorbia hirta?


Yes, appears close to images at Euphorbia hirta


Euphorbia hirta L. :: Waghbil, Thane :: Sep 12, 2007 · JUN23 DV335: 1 image.

Euphorbia hirta L.
Waghbil, Thane :: Sep 12, 2007 · 10:22 AM IST :: about 3 m (10 ft) asl
Many thanks to janeyair for validating the ID at iNaturalist


Euphorbiaceae: Euphorbia hirta L.: 1 high res. image.
synonym: Chamaesyce hirta (L.) Millsp.
location/date: Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, October 1994



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