Euphorbia leucocephala Lotsy, Bot. Gaz. 20: 350 1895.;
Common names: Pascuita, Snows of Kilimanjaro, White Small Leaf Poincettia, Snow Bush, White-laced euphorbia, Snow Flake, Poinsettia, Christ child;


Euphorbiaceae week- Euphorbia leucocephala -PKA6: Came across this shrub at “Kondwa- Pune”.
Bot. name: Euphorbia leucocephala,
Family: Euphorbiaceae,
Common names: Snow Bush,  White Small Leaf Poincettia, Snow Flake,

–  Attaching my images of hopefully the same plant. I was not aware of the name earlier.

– we call it snow on the mountain!!!!

– Here’s the correct type specimen from Kew herbarium for Euphorbia leucocephala Lotsy.

Help!: Could someone give me the name of this flower?
See attached pic. 

This should be Euphorbia leucocephala, common names Snow Bush, Poinsettia.

My article — thehindu

this is Euphorbia leucocephala


Hooghly Today : Euphorbia leucocephala Lotsy:  As i was returning today found a vendor selling these plants, Euphorbia leucocephala Lotsy, on a railway platform.

ID Help :-


Plant for ID:  Please ID this. The leaves turn white in winter, I was told.

Date: 21 DEC, 2012
Location: Vellore, Tamil Nadu
Height – about 6’
Leaves – Green and changing to white
Flowers – Tiny yellow ones

This is Euphorbia leucocephala….

Yes Euphorbia leucocephala
A beautiful ornamental when in bloom.

Lovely pics … the white are the bracts of this white poinsettia…
this is a very popular plant now for the last decade for gardeners who are bored with the red poinsettas… 🙂 … or those that want to grow all red, white green etc poinsettias…
the leaves, like any plant are green, usually situated below the flowers along the stalk of the branch.
And IN WINTER, leaves turn yellow and then wither into brown before falling off in winter.
Attaching one of my pictures which clearly shows this phenomenon…

Yes …, your pics clearly show the transformation.


Euphorbia leucocephala (Snows of Kilimanjaro): Euphorbia leucocephala – relative of Poincettia.
Place : Golvad, Maharashtra.
Date : 11th February 2012


Euphorbiaceae Fortnight : Euphorbia leucocephala (Snow bush): Golvad : MN4 : 1 image. 2 posts by 2 authors.
Euphorbia leucocephala (Snow bush) : Seen at a Hotel Garden at Golvad


Euphorbiaceae Fortnight : 05112013 ARK-12 : Euphorbia leucocephala from Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai – February 2013 : Attachments (2).  4 posts by 3 authors.
Attached are pictures of Euphorbia leucocephala from Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai in February 2013.

Nice photos.

Euphorbiaceae Fortnight : Euphorbia leucocephala : Nasik : 071113 : AK-37:  Attachments (2). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Sharing pictures of E. leucocephala, commonly known as Snow Bush.

Yes, this plant is Euphorbia leucocephala Lotsy

EUPHORBIACEAE FORTNIGHT :: Euphorbia leucocephala :: SMP 28 :  4 images. 2 posts by 2 authors.
Euphorbia leucocephala 

Yes, this is Euphorbia leucocephala Lotsy

Photographed this Euphorbiaceae shrub at Mizoram and Vadodara
Bot. name: Euphorbia leucocephala
Common name: Snow bush, Snow flakes..

Yes, this is Euphorbia leucocephala Lotsy

SL 247 212113 : Attachments (1).  4 posts by 4 authors.
Please ID this ornamental shrub with white flowers. Photo was taken in Sri Lanka in Sep 2012.

This is Euphorbia leucophylla

Yes, this is Euphorbia leucocephala

Euphorbia For ID : Kenya : 05OCT16 : AK-4 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
A small plant seen in Kenya.
Cultivated, garden plant.
Looks very close to Euphorbia leucocephala

This appears to be Euphorbia leucocephala Lotsy, native of Central America, now cultivated in many tropical countries. However, you may compare it with the attached photograph. Attachments (1)

Many thanks for the id. My guess was correct after all. I was confused since these plants were quite small, in a flower bed.


Euphorbia leucocephala : Atlanta Botanical Garden : Atlanta : 22JUN20 : AK-35 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)
Seen in the garden during my visit in October, 2018.

Euphorbiaceae Fortnight: Euphorbia leucocephala from Panchkula Cactus Garden-GS-34 : Attachments (2). 5 posts by 3 authors.
Euphorbia leucocephala L. photographed from Panchkula Cactus garden.

I do not think your photograph belongs to E. leucocephala. I have copied Dave’s Garden website, a photograph of the true E. leucocephala. Please note that the leaves surrounding the cyathia (so-called floral leaves) are smaller and completely white. In your specimens the cyathia are usually solitary and without any white floral leaves. The white structures are limbs of glands.
Your photograph do not fit into any Indian species. May be an introduced one.

I just found this photograph on the website of University of Florida very much resembling mine. Please have a look and give your verdict.

Yes, this is Euphorbia leucocephala L.

Attached is a picture of a plant captured in the Flower Show, Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai in February 2013.
Requested to please provide ID.

This is an introduced Euphorbia, a photograph of which I got earlier in one of the e-mails probably from … I could not identify it. It does not match with native or naturalised species known from India.
Perhaps you can send a photograph and get it identified at Kew.

To me it looks close to Euphorbia leucocephala, the Snow Bush.

The above picture is the real Euphorbia leucocephala. Note the leaves surrounding the cyathia are white and large and the limbs of glands on the rim of cyathia are also white and small.
In your plant the leaves surrounding the cyathia are not white, only the limbs of glands are white. Hence, this is a different plant. I do not know what species your plant is.

Cultivated ? Euphorbia ‘StarDust White Sparkle’. ??

I am not sure as per

This appears similar to … plant at Euphorbiaceae Fortnight: Euphorbia leucocephala from Panchkula Cactus Garden-GS-34 identified as Euphorbia leucocephala, by …

This Euphorbia was shot from Panchkula, Cactus Garden.. Recently posted by … in the ongoing fortnight as Euphorbia leucocephala to which this resembles…
Please provide id..

In a separate thread it is mentioned as E.leucophylla or allied species.
efi thread


Your plant is not E. leucocephala. In this species, the leaves below the cyathia are white, oblanceolate. petiolate, prominent, densely crowded around the many cyathiate inflorescence and gives the impression of snow flakes on a bush, hence the common name of this species is :Snow Flake Plant.
In your plant there are no floral leaves subtending the cyathia. All leaves of your plant are scattered, green. Only the appendages of the glands on cyathia are white, lanceolate, sessile and too small.

I do not know where to look for to identify your plant. Probably it is an introduced plant.

Euphorbia hypercifolia ‘Inneuphe; Diamon Frost I hope

To me appears similar to … post at Euphorbiaceae Fortnight: Euphorbia leucocephala from Panchkula Cactus Garden-GS-34 and identified as Euphorbia leucocephala by …

Yes it is Euphorbia leucocephala

This appears to be Euphorbia leucocephala Lotsy


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