Ficus microcarpa ?;

The leaves are not clear for either the host or the parasite please send distinct pictures in which the leaves are clear both upper and
lower part of the leaves.

The “parasite” doesn’t looks like a parasite that take food from the host it could be a hemiepiphyte comes under the genus Ficus.

Have just copied the mail sent by … Am now sending the copies of the leaves as requested by …

Thank you for the pictures and the fast response to the queries. The host (I hope the later pictures are of the hosts; no specification regarding the same) could be Bridelia retusa (Euphorbiaceae) and the parasite (please don’t treat that as a parasite; it can be called as a hemi epiphyte) can be a species of Ficus (may be Ficus microcarpa?). May be others can give a better idea.

The larger leaves are that of the host. Thanks for correcting me, let us call it a strangler.

Yes, that is the right term.