wonder if anyone can help ID this tree from a park in Pune; my guess is banyan ..!??

This seems to be one of those parasitic trees that has strangled some other tree and has taken its place. In the past somebody had called it
some ficus ——Though the picture of the leaves is not very clear.

Certainly a Ficus species, may Ficus religiosa– Peepal. 

It is a Ficus, but nothing more from such a distance.

Ficus racemosa may be!!

Ficus religiosa and F. racemosa does not have such aerial roots. i feel it is more closer to F. microcarpa.
However, a closeup of leaves and hypanthodium would be great aid for correct ID.

I am sending 2 pictures of this tree. Taken in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore on 12th Oct. ’08. I do not have pictures of flowers or fruits but i thought the trunk is distinctive & interesting. Do hope it can be identified.

Some Ficus species like Ficus virens?

Looks like there is some strangling going on.

I agree with …

It is a little difficult to say which leaves belong to which tree i.e the host and the strangling ficus. Some leaves seem like those of Ficus mysorensis.



Re190911-MS -47-ID needed for Ficus species: 1 image.

I am attaching the photographs of a branch of the Ficus tree . Place : Stanford University, California. Date of photograph: June 14, 2009

Looks like Ficus amplissima to me.
Is it F. rumphii?

Ficus rumphii leaves are very similar to that of F. religiosa. Unfortunately in the pictures the leaves are not very clear. do you have some more photographs?


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