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Id please
A milkweed climber from Kanakeshwar. Alibag
02 Nov, 2010

Looks like a species of Hoya possibly Hoya wightii.

Certainly looks like Hoya but not aware of the species.

this is Genianthus laurifolius, not an epiphytic plant.
Hoya wightii flowers are more than 1 cm accross, lobes are deltoid and flowers are in an umbel. Here the size of the flowers as just 5 mm (should have been given by you) and they are in panicles. Pls as a practice add text on vegetative characters to help ID.


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ID Please
A Climber at Mhasala, Raigad, MH
14Nov, 2015

i feel the plant belongs to Periplocaceae.

Genianthus laurifolius (Roxb.) Hook.f.

… is correct ..this is Genianthus laurifolius


Genianthus laurifolius at Kadra : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
This Climber was spotted in Kadra region, North Karnataka.
Bot. name: Genianthus laurifolius
Family: Asclepiadaceae


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