Gentiana carinata ?;

Gentianaceae Sp for ID (17/06/2011 NSJ-02) : Gentianaceae Sp for ID from Gulmarg, Kashmir

G. carinata, but need size of flowers to confirm.

the size of flower is around 10 mm.

G. carinata flowers would not be as big as 10 mm. They should be 4-6 mm only.

Looks like G. carinata

Gentiana (and now related genera) is a difficult genus, as I have said previously.
Distinguishing between G.carinata and similar species is complicated. What a pity that Gentian specialist Aitken at Edinburgh is no longer available to resolve such matters for us. 
Stewart (back in 1972) recorded G.carinata from 2400-3600m in Kashmir and var. intermedia Clarke from Sonamrag and Suru/Zanskar in Ladakh (also 2400-3600m).
I have seen what MIGHT be G.carinata on many occasions in Kashmir.  He observed that G.carinata proper was said to have fimbriae in the throat whilst the var. intermedia does not.  Stansfield of Liverpool said G.carinata has versatile anthers whilst they are basifixed in G.coronata. Clearly, such characteristics cannot be observed in normal photos of gentians.
Apparently, at Kew a great many specimens from Kashmir and adjacent areas are in a cover Gentiana coronata (D.Don ex Royle) DC. but Stewart did not consider them to match the plant figured by Royle. Burkill stated that the type was in too bad a condition for use.
Stewart found the G.marginata, G.carinata, G.coronata group very difficult and in his opinion needed more study.
I cannot readily check if Aitken at Edinburgh had satisfactorily resolved such matters? I do not know if the characteristics ‘Flowers of Himalaya’ use to distinguish between G.carinata and G.marginata are authoritative?


At some stage, I would like to take a serious look at Gentianaceae of NW Himalaya but this is quite a challenge and have yet to find the time to focus properly on the family. SO many other genera belonging to other families also urgently need attention (indeed revision). So many families and genera are poorly known in the Himalaya.

Certainly more photos in good close-ups showing detail of the corolla, throat of flowers and calyx-lobes would help.

Cannot comment further at this stage.

Gentiana crassuloides Bureau & Franch. ??

Campanulaceae & Gentianaceae Week:Gentianaceae: A Gentianaceae sp from Srinagar.

Is it Srinagar (1600 m alt) or higher areas in Kashmir?. It is the plant I photographed from Gulmarg, identified in Flowers of Himalaya as G. carinata but I think G. hugellii

You are right, this photo I have taken from Gulmarg hills on a trek route to cable car first stage on May 31, 2011.

Oh I was in Kashmir that time (4th May to 12 June). Visited Gulmarg three times in that period



Request for ID 080809 Sinthan Pass 7 : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)

Location- Top of the Sinthan Pass, Jammu & Kashmir. (Altitude 3785 mtr)
Date- 08th August 2009.

I think Gentiana ornata

Beautiful photograph
I think it is from genus Gentiana mostly carinata
See The link

Although leaves are much broader than G. ornata, it could be a different from even G. carinata. Light coloured flowers and fringed corolla throat are preventing me from accepting it as G. carinata.

Now we have to choose from… Gentiana carinata or Gentiana ornata

or it is different apart….

Let us wait and research more. In the meantime you can have close look at photographs of G. carinata on the internet, also Flowers of India website and try to late fringed corolla.

One Botanist from Pune suggested that it may be ‘gentiana hexaphylia’. Experts please comment.



from Everest at altitude 4950m11/7/07?; JUN 09 Spiti valley H.P.; 27-09-2010: Balu ka Gera on the way to hampta Pass (Alt. approx. 12500 ft);
Alpine flower from Everest at altitude 4950m – indiantreepix | Google Groups PLANT FOR ID 101 SMP JUN 09 Spiti valley H.P. – indiantreepix | Google Groups


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