Hairy Gerbera Daisy • Hindi: कुफेरू Kupheru, झुलू Jhulu, कपास Kapas;


Flora of Chakrata Part-2: Gerbera gossypina from Deovan Chakrata Trek:
Gerbera gossypina from Deovan Chakrata Trek
pls validate

Yes … this is Gerbera gossypina from my side too.

Gerbera gossypina (Royle) Beauverd [=Chaptalia gossypina Royle; Oreoseris lanuginosa Wall. ex DC.; Gerbera lanuginosa (Wall. ex DC.) Benth.] is a small herb growing on steep shady slopes in mid hills of Uttarakhand and entire Himalaya.
Unlike popular ornamental Gerbera jamesonii and its hybrids, it has lilac or white flower heads only which are also smaller.
Here photographed near Nainital and Munsyari area of Uttarakhand.

Nice Shots … we have seen this in Chakrata. Common plant in that region also

Asteraceae Fortnight Part I-Radiate Heads: Gerbera gossypina from Chakrata- NS 43 : Attachments (7).  1 post by 1 author.
This wild Gerbera was shot from Chakrata region last year..hope this is Gerbera gossypina

Asteraceae Id Plzz :  Attachments (2).  4 posts by 3 authors.
please id this asteraceae flower
Picture takaen at Mandal
May 2013

This can be Gerbera gossypina.. nice pics

Thanks … for this ID


Dock?/ABOCT18 : 16 posts by 8 authors. Attachments (3)
This spinach like leaf is found here throughout the year. If I am not mistaken this leaf is used as a pain reliever after a nettle sting. It appears to be of dock family. Please help.
Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
16 October 14

May be Rumex dentatus

The habitat and some leaves look different. Flowers/fruits should help.

Appearing as Gerbera gossypina in vegetative stage. Attachments (1)

I would like to share that I have very recently met … at Mcleodganj (H.P.)..he has been very kind to accompany me and our group of students to a very good place, which was rich in collection material for UG students..
He walked with us and we enjoyed his interactions, he shared his knowledge of insects and birds.. now he is enthusiastic about knowing the plants of the region…this is one of the many requests which are to be posted by …
I saw this plant, and can say that this is certainly not Rumex..This is very common in Mcleodganj..
I have requested … to keep watch on its flowering and update this message… hopefully this is identified soon..

The pleasure was all mine. It was an excellent opportunity for me to learn from an expert in the field and you were very kind in answering all my questions. I have added a lot of new knowledge in my repository as a result of that walk with you.
I will post images of the plants you helped identify soon on this forum.

… has kindly confirmed the ID of this leaf which I had posted earlier in October. He asked me to conduct a simple test–to try and peel the bottom layer off the surface and if it comes off in a cottony layer then the ID Gerbera gossypina is correct.

Here are my pictures of that test. My son helped peel the layer. My thanks to all who contributed to this discussion.
Gerbera gossypina
Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
Attachments (3)

Now a glimpse of the complete plant in flowering stage. Attachments (1)

I agree with …, flowers will further confirm..

a true gentleman naturalist, and your son is learning by example… good to see it
we learnt the same way from my non-botanist father..
and his non-botanist father on our rambling walks many many many moons ago..
My heart likes to see these inter-generational examples.
And now for this case… well done. ANd … : good tip

Really interesting logic and conversation. Such discussions help members a lot. Thanks so much…..

I happened to do a lot of field work with my very dear friend Dr. Jana Sckornikova in central India, Jharkhand and Himalayas. I learnt a lot from her. There are certain characters which cant be seen with naked eyes and in such cases we need to use common sense. While working on Curcuma it was very difficult to distinguish species, and she told me that it can be done to some extent on the basis of presence and location of tiny hairs on the under surface of leaves. And the best way to check the hairs (which are not visible to eyes) is to rub the leaf surface on your tongue and you can feel the hairs. Because tongue is one of the most sensitive part of your body…..

Yes Gerbera is a more likely option.

ANd not all are safe to rub on your tongue
esp. ginger, turmeric, radishes etc. that are grown for “Organic” market using manure…
it seems manure is not bird doodooo anymore.. farmyard manure including all mammalian doo is included.. and parasite worms don’t die in the heat of the manure pile… and tapeworm eggs survive it
there is now an alarming numbers of neurocysticercosis… google it and you’ll see the brain full of cysts.. 1200 deaths worldwide in 2010…and millions of disability…

message is … don’t put anything in the mouth that’s not washed.. well
its not restricted to meat eaters, a recent case involved a vegetarian wife of a friend… who loves raw radishes… and would chomp on them …..
see figure 1 in this review for prevalence:   http://www.ias.ac.in/jbiosci/nov2008/571.pdf and this for the brain mri wikipedia/commons in url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cysticercosis
so whatever you have learnt … unlearn it please
we/ I want you around on this earth in productive mode for a long time, …

Gerbera gossypina?/ABDEC52 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

A couple of days ago I photographed these leaves growing on a stone wall. They look like the leaves of a young Hairy Gerbera Daisy which I posted in October. Please confirm.

Gerbera gossypina–Please confirm.
Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
22 December, 2014

Yes, it is Gerbera gossypina. Again perform the same test.

Thank you … I will try to peel the back layer off. The leaves are very soft and young, so it may be a difficult task.
Does it have a local name?

Local name I do not know. Ask local people about it with plant in your hand.

And also wait for flower, which is very beautiful and same size as our cultivated Gerbera..

I finally found a flowering plant today (13.3.15) and was happy. … was right, it is beautiful. Here it is;
Attachments (2)

persistent paid off, … very well done

Thank you … It always does, doesn’t it!

I saw a really nice and large specimen today. I also wonder if there are two varieties of these, one with darker but smaller leaves and another with large light green leaves. Attachments (4)

*Gerbera gossypina ABMAR01/15 : 3 posts by 3 authors. 10 images.
Gerbera daisies have been flowering since early February but are now (30.3.16) in bigger numbers. I found a withered pod yesterday on the road and took some pictures of dry individual flowers. Here is a complete set.
Gerbera gossypinaGerbera Daisy
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
20-29 March 2016

Marvellous capture of close details.

I’d requested 23: 1 high res. image.
Location: Rajouri j and k

Date, elevation and images of other parts and habitat ?

Please always include a shot of leaves, head alone is not enough

Most likely Gerbera gossypina

Now known as Oreoseris gossypina


Gerbera gossypina from near Mandal, Uttarakhand-GS30122021-2: 4 very high res. images.
Gerbera gossypina photographed from near Mandal, Uttarakhand, 2-6-2013


Gerbera for ID, G. gossypina?-GS30122021-3:
The plant looks similar to Gerbera gossypina but has smaller heads with fewer shorter ray florets. Photographed from above Chopta, Uttarakhand, 1-6-2013.

Yes, appears to be Gerbera gossypina (Royle) Beauverd



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