DV :: 31MAR11 – 0830 :: ¿ Casearia ? at Madikeri: A small unarmed tree (perhaps planted) … seems to be a species of Casearia … ID please.
Please bear with the low quality of pictures.
Date/Time : March 31, 2011 at 8.30am IST
Location Place : Kodagu Valley Resort, Coorg, Karnataka … 12.440533, 75.716805 on Google maps
Altitude : 3715 ft (above mean sea level)

… on other thoughts, would it be some species of Glochidion ?

Looks like Glochidion zeylanicum ?

from pic. fls having short petiole & greenish yellow colour,
it may be Casearia sps.

Foto number 5 doesnt look like Glochidion… so if all the foto are from same plant than definately its should not be Glochidion sp. may be some of Casearia sp..

I happened to see this post while searching for Casearia.
To me it is a species of Glochidion.



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