Pithar; Seri in Hindi; ‘Dagad shepu’ ‘दगड शेपू’ / ‘Fattarsuva’ फत्‍तरसुवा’ in Marathi; Parpataka in Kannada;  Parapalanamu in Telugu;


efloraofindia:”For Id 29112012MR1’’ wild herb at Pune: Sep 2012

requesting identification of this wild herb growing on the outskirts of Pune. It was difficult for me to understand the structure of the flower but all showed just 1 yellow petal like structure.

Some Asteraceae member .

It is Glossocardia bosvallia of Asteraceae (Compositae).
Tamil name: ‘kal ootti’ கல் ஊட்டி
A spreading herb with aromatic leaves…


sharing pix of Glossocardia bosvallia from Pune


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Please help identify this spreading bush seen in wild at Dhavlas, Maharashtra.
Photographed 4Oct13.

Not a bush, just a tiny herb spreading not more than 10cm. This would be Glassocardia nummularifolia of Asteraceae. Request once again to give sizes for ID, otherwise it’s only a guess.

Sir you have r t ly identified it

Glassocardia sps for sure.

its may be Glossocardia boswellia or setosa

efi page on Glossocardia bosvallia

Glossocardia bosvallia DC.

Seen this very tiny plant at Malhargad near Pune in September 2020 on a small hillock.
FoI and eFI suggests Glossocardia bosvallia.
This is the only good pic I have.

Requested to please validate.

U r correct