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Location:Kupwara j&k

By the morphology of inflorescence the plant specimen resambles Spiranthes, a member of the Orchidaceae family. Looks like two species of the same genera.

I see two orchids here, one with pink flowers that seem like Spiranthes sinensis but can’t be confirmed without dissection. Same goes to the second which looks like Goodyera marginata. I also need to see the leaves of second plant.
Please remember that we are here to help you, but if you can’t provide a detailed picture then our identification could well be very wrong.

Thank you sir… Sure I will, provide details images soon
Please check this paper for further details of Spiranthes sinensis.

Spiranthes should be S. sinensis, only species reported from Kashmir
Similarly second if Goodyera, should be G. repens, only reported from Kashmir.

As … informs, their paper on Goodyera published in 2019, most specimens identified as G. repens in W. Himalayas are G. marginata, differentiated by robust stature, bigger leaves with regularly white reticulate markings above and white band along midvein, nearly glabrous and larger flowers, white band along midvein lacking in G. repens, flowers smaller and hairy.

I am so confused with these leaves. It has no marking.

I need to see more habitat pics with leaves.