Goodyera repens (L.) R.Br., Hortus Kew. 5: 198 1813. (syn: Elasmatium repens (L.) Dulac; Epipactis chinensis (Schltr.) Hu; Epipactis mairei (Schltr.) Hu [Illegitimate]; Epipactis repens (L.) Crantz .; Gonogona repens (L.) Link; Goodyera brevis Schltr.; Goodyera chinensis Schltr.; Goodyera mairei Schltr.; Goodyera nantoensis Hayata; Goodyera ophioides (Fernald) Rydb.; Goodyera pubescens var. repens (L.) Alph.Wood; Goodyera repens var. japonica Nakai …….; Neottia repens (L.) Sw.; Orchiodes repens (L.) Kuntze; Orchiodes resupinatum Kuntze; Orchis repens (L.) Eyster ex Poir.; Peramium nantoense (Hayata) Makino; Peramium repens (L.) Salisb.; Peramium repens var. ophioides (Fernald) A.Heller; Peramium secundum (Raf.) House; Satyrium hirsutum Gilib. [Invalid]; Satyrium repens L.; Serapias repens (L.) Vill.; Tussaca repens (L.) Raf.; Tussaca secunda Raf.);  

VOF..Goodyera repens: Beautiful orchid Goodyera repens frm VOF


Flora of Chakrata 2013- Goodyera repens for validation. :  Attachments (4). 4 posts by 3 authors.
This small terrestrial orchid with variegated leaves and white flowers was found from the area in our recent visit…
I think this can be Goodyera repens… please correct me if required..

Thanks for liking … this was the tour with maximum output for me with regard to orchids..

Yes it is G.repens

Goodyera repens | Chakrata :  Attachments (1). 4 posts by 4 authors.

Goodyera repens
Chakrata, Uttarakhand
Aug., 2013

ORCHIDACEAE FORTNIGHT:: Goodyera repens from Chakrata- NS 09 : Attachments (4). 3 posts by 3 authors.
This small orchid with variegated leaves was shot from Budher in Chakrata, Uttrakhand this August.
hope this is rightly identified..
Goodyera repens

this was also a very good find on Chakrata Tour…

Orchidaceae Fortnight: Goodyera repens from Chakrata GS-7 : Attachments (2). 3 posts by 3 authors.
I think this is the Gooyera repens that … was refering to in another thread. Please validate.
Photographed from Chakrata Budher caves Road in September.

yes very pretty plant. Thanks for sharing.

Nice Shots Sir. This time we were able to shot this in full bloom.


Yes cute, Goodyera repens, one of the Jewel Orchids from western Himalaya


ORCHIDACEAE Juss. Fortnight: Goodyera repens | Chakrata :  Attachments (1). 4 posts by 4 authors.

Chakrata, Uttarakhand
Aug., 2013

Pretty orchid.
Yes Goodyera repens.

What a crispy Shot … Remembering that memorable tour……………

Orchidaceae fortnight : Goodyera repens : Shimla : RVS2 :  Attachments (2). 4 posts by 4 authors.
Goodyera repens from Shimla.

Nice to now that you have found them in Shimla..

Very non typical habitat for Goodyera repens.
They usually grow on road sides usually vertically, but this seems to like Pine forests.


ORCHIDACEAE Juss. Fortnight: 24102012-8 Orchid for id from Shimla BS 118  : Attachments (1). 3 posts by 2 authors.

Kindly id Third Orchid from Shimla
Sorry only one Picture available
Can it be Goodyera repens

Yes this should be Goodyera repens.


Goodyera repens ABJUL01/11 : 5 posts by 3 authors. 4 images.

On my walk last Sunday I photographed this orchid too. The flowers were not yet fully open. The leaves told me that the plant was Goodyera repens. Please advise.

Goodyera repens—Dwarf Rattlesnake Plantain
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
03 July, 2016.

Really beautiful through your lens.


Goodyera? ABSEP2016/43 : 6 posts by 4 authors. 3 images.

I have been meaning to post these photos for a while but did not get the time earlier. i found this above Triund on my way down from Ilaqa earlier this month. The flowers look a lot like those of the Goodyera repens but the leaves appear different. Please advise.
Ilaqa-Triund-Mcleodganj, HP
03-04 September 2016

Goodyera repens.

Very beautiful pics, you got the open flowers….!!

Saw this small orchid en route VOF from Ghangaria, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018.
This was growing very close to Androcorys josephii posted by me here.
Requested to kindly provide ID.

Goodyera repens (l.) R. Br. ?? 3000-3500 m??

Goodyera repens.
The point where you saw this you could have also seen, Calanthe triplicata, Listera teunis, Cephalanthera longifolia etc.

Thanks … for validating.. This particular area was very rich w.r.t. diversity. I tried hard to find any more orchids but 🙁
I think we went too late in the season – last week of August, hence could not find any more specimens.

small bell shaped drooping flowers of this orchid are reminiscent of the drooping bells of lily of the valley. but this is an orchid.


Aug, 2010: On way to Churdhar, Himachal Pradesh (ca 2000m); Orchid for ID_201010_RKC_03 – efloraofindia | Google Groups



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