India: Fairly common in deciduous forests. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu; Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as per BSI Flora of India;
Nagbala, Kukurbicha • Assamese: huktapata, hukta-pata • Bengali: kukurbicha • Hindi: kakarundah, kukurbicha, phrongli • Kannada: udipe, dadachelu, gandaudipe, chikkudipe • Khasi: soh synting • Marathi: govli • Oriya: kakarolim • Sanskrit: gudasarkara, nagabala • Tamil: kalunnu, tavidu, tavadu, tavuttai • Telugu: chimachipuru, jibilike, chitti jana, jibilika;

Grewia hirsuta (Nagbala, Kukurbicha) on 30/8/09 in Narshapur forest near Hyderabad, AP.
One realises the beauty after going through the minute details in a photograph.


Fruiting Plant for ID | 24Jun10AR03 – efloraofindia | Google Groups : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Kind Request to ID this fruiting plant  

Date/Time :

27 Mar 2010

Location- Place, altitude and GPS:

Mamandur, Andhra Pradesh. Eastern ghats

 Habitat- garden/ urban/wild/type:


 Plant Habit-tree/shrub/climber/herb:



5 feet


lanceolate/ 14 cms approx

 Inflorescence type /size:


 Fruits type-shape/size/seeds:


Appears to be some Grewia species. Without flowers difficult to comment on the species.

Precisely this shrub is Grewia hirsuta, I could taste the Honey-sweet of these fruits when we were in field works; common in dry deciduous forests.
First I hesitated to eat this fruit owing to its hirsuite nature, but it is really good.

Local Tamil name: Thaen kallai [seeds of honey]

I agree with …

Thanks for the ID. Grewia hirsuta.
Check the link below for some beautiful flowers of G. Hirsuta (courtesy- …)
efi thread

alvaceae week: Grewia hirsuta fruits: Name: Grewia hirsuta Vahl.
Family: Malvaceae (previously placed under Tiliaceae)
Location: Sathyamangalam RF, TN
Date: 12 Dec 2008
Altitude: 900 -1000 ASL
Local Tamil name: Thean Kallai (Honey capsules); fondly devoured by herbivores and Bears especially…
Also refer:
efi thread


Adding flower of the same species. This location is at Chennai (Nanmangalam RF; Alt c.10 m) on 21 Oct 2008

Malvaceae week : Grewia hirsuta.Grewia hirsuta.
Another Tiliaceae member now included in Malvaceae.
Presently flowering on Vetal Tekdi Pune.


Malvaceae fortnight :: Grewia hirsuta :Pune : SMP35 : 3 posts by 3 authors. 2 images.
Grewia hirsuta

Indeed, really beautiful!! Its G. hirsuta, noticed because of uni-sexual flowers, missing pistil in it.

ARJUL290 Confirmation of ID- Grewia hirsuta?:  3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3).

Found in Bangalore
20th July

Yes Grewia hirsuta.



ANSEPT85 Please identify this Grewia sp.  :  3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7).

26th September 2014
Bangalore outskirts

Apparently look like Grewia hirsuta, though most of the times I have seen it in unisexual flowers, there are bisexuals too!!
We will wait for fruit, it will help to provides provide proper ID of it

Thank you very much … I will wait for the fruits and post them soon.

Here are the fruits observed on the same plant today- Attachments (4).

I think it is Grewia hirsuta, too. Nice pictures!

Thank you … for follow up!! Yes it is Grewia hirsuta !!! Agree with …

Grewia hirsuta

Bush for ID Tiruvannamalei, Tamil Nadu NAW-OCT-07 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4).

Kindly identify this shrub/ bush photographed at the herbal park, Tiruvannamalei, Tamil Nadu in September 2014.

Grewia hirsuta!

Agree with … Grewia hirsuta

ID AJV160808 : 11 posts by 7 authors. Attachments (2)

Please help me identify this plant.

is it Trema? or Grevia?
i feel Trema is correct

It looks like Grewia hirsuta.

It is Grewia laevigata [G.serrulata].

It is Grewia serrulata
… id is correct. attaching same flower

Here is a link for some details & vernacular names of Grewia laevigata (G.serrulata) :http://flickr.com/photos/91314344@N00/1843390318

Beautiful pictures from both … What are your locations of these plants?

I took this photograph in the Hyderabad University campus in Gachibowli.

I used to see a lot of Grewia trees on Vetal hill/Hanuman Tekdi In Pune.
While there is Grewia asiatica and Grewia tilifolia I had never observed this one. But today when I closely observed flowers on some of the trees I think this one is Grewia serulata.
These flowers are distictly more white than G. tilifolia while the shape of the petals is also different.
These shrubs are also less taller may be upto 4-5 feet while those of G.tilifolia are often8-10 feet tall.
Attachments (1)

What about Gavali (Grewia helicterifolia syn G polygama). Pl. check & let us know pl. Here is a link for details: http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=5&taxon_id=242422697

Here is … reply in another mail:

“… has corrected it as Grewia hirsuta. According to him…….
The plant is hirsut and the flowers are very shortly pedicellate. The buds are un-ribbed. The plant is G. hirsuta. G. serrulata has flowers 3 cm, leaves glabrous, pedicels long and buds ribbed. Former is a plant of dry hills and the latter is a plant of hill forests.
Flower size 1 cm. Colour white.

Shrub for ID:AVD:07032014 :  Attachments (4). 7 posts by 3 authors.

Please help me identifying the attached plant images.
Habit: Small shrub. Unarmed
Leaves : Alternate, Oblong, elliptic, finely serrate.
Flowers : not in flowering.
Fruits: 4 lobed – 4 seeded, reddish purple when ripe
Really sorry for poor image quality.
Is this from Rhamnaceae ?

Grewia sp

details of habitat, location and season of fruiting etc would be helpful!

Thanks for your response. Following are the additional details.
Location: Talegaon Dabhade, District Pune
Habitat: Road side, fallow land
Fruiting / flowering season: Difficult to guess since the berries are dry and must have been on the plant for more than 1 month or so. (8.3.14)
Seeds : 4 nos
Leaves resemble to that of Zizyphus sp. interms of venation, appearance etc.
Not sure if this will be helpful.

It could be Grewia serrulata

Thank you for the possible id. Am convinced about Grewia sp. The thing going against G.serrulata is the berries in G.serrulata are deeply 2 lobed. In this case the berries are distinctly 4 lobed.

I guess I will have to wait for the flowers for the id to be conclusive.

I have seen them 4 lobed in G. serrulata, but best to wait for the flowers, as you said

I will also go with Grewia serrulata DC.. But also check with images at Grewia bracteata Roth

For me its Grewia hirsuta!


Shrub for id_ Hyderabad Flora: 4 images.

This shrub was observed in the wild at Velamala, Hyderabad in July 2021.
It was rocky terrain with scrub vegetation.
Shrub height-4 feet
Flowers were observed.
Is it a Grewia sp?
Please help in the id.

Grewia hirsuta ?

Yes, It’s Grewia hirsuta

I guess correct ID !

Yes from me also.

Yes Grewia hirsuta. Thanks … It was growing wildly and beautifully in rocky terrain and sandy soil.


on Vetal hill/ Hanuman Tekdi In Pune- 18/8/08; On 17/8/08 in Talakona forest, AP; Grewia hirsuta – indiantreepix | Google Groups Gavali (Grewia helicterifolia syn G polygama) – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Malvaceae: Grewia hirsuta Vahl: 1 image.
synonyms: Grewia tomentosa Juss., Grewia trichodes Voigt, Grewia pilosa Roxb.
location/date: Chilenahalli, Bangalore Distr., Karnataka, July 1997





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