Gustavia augusta L., Pl. Surin. 12: 17 1775. (Syn: Grias aubletiana Miers; Grias hexapetala Hook. ex Urb.; Grias mexiana R.Knuth; Grias tetrapetala (Aubl.) Nied.Gustavia angusta J.F.Gmel.; Gustavia antillana Miers; Gustavia augusta var. brasiliensis O.Berg …; Gustavia brasiliensis E.Morren; Gustavia calycaris (O.Berg) Miers; Gustavia insignis Linden ex Hook.; Gustavia laciniosa Miers; Gustavia marcgraaviana Miers; Gustavia meizocarpa Gaertn.; Gustavia membrillo Appun; Gustavia mexiana R.Knuth; Gustavia poeppigiana var. rigida O.Berg; Gustavia tetrapetala (Aubl.) Stokes; Gustavia tetrapetala (Aubl.) DC.; Gustavia theophrasta Linden; Gustavia urceolata Poit.; Japarandiba antillana (Miers) Nied.; Japarandiba augusta (L.) Kuntze; Japarandiba marcgraaviana (Miers) Nied.; Japarandiba marcgraaviana Miers; Pirigara tetrapetala Aubl.);
Common name: Majestic Heaven Lotus, Janiparindiba, Gustavia
S. Trop. America as per WCSP;



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Another Gustavia.. also known as Majestic Heaven Lotus from Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai. 

This plant is Gustavia pulchra.

it is Gustavia augusta L. Dissert. Pl. Surinam 17, 1775 at Amoen. Acad. 8: 266. t.5, 1785; Almeida, Fl. Mah. 2: 259, 1998

i had been to Rani Bagh, Byculla, Mumbai last week (27.7.10).
I saw a tree of Gustavia augusta fruiting. The flowering has almost come to an end.
Bot. name: Gustavia augusta
Family: Lecythidaceae
An evergreen tree native to South America.
Etymology: Gustavia i commemorative name, after Gustavus III, King of Sweden and patron of Linnaeus
Augusta – Majestic

Got a glimpse of this plant after a long time !!
Long ago it was uploaded by … probably she recorded this plant from Jijamata Udyan , Mumbai.
Nice catch of the plant !!

Very Strong memory … U R right. … had shared this earlier. (Rani Bagh, Byculla and Jijamata udyan are one and the same).

Oh!! I didn’t knew this

very strong memory.
V.J.B.Udyan and Jijamata Udyan are the same. it is also called Rani Bagh or Byculla zoo.




ID Request-04042011-PKA2: Seen this tree at Veer Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai. Could not spot any flowers. Date/Time: 03-04-2011 / 10:30AM
Location: Veer Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai
Habitat: Cultivated?
Plant Habit: Tree (Approx 6m).

– this is Gustavia augusta L. Dissert. Pl. Surinam 17, 1775 at Amoen. Acad. 8: 266. t.5, 1785; Almeida, Fl. Mah. 2: 259, 1998. LECYTHIDACEAE A. Rich.
(Gustaviaceae Burnett, Outl. Bot.: 717, 1092, 1135. Feb 1835, is included in the list of validly published families (Reveal, L. J., 2007 in Indices Nominum Supragenericorum Plantarum Vascularium

– Luckily. I got the opportunity to click its beautiful flower which is somewhat similar to Magnolia on gross observation last month.




Gustavia augusta: Gustavia augusta
Family Lecythidaceae
Observed in Rani bag Mumbai on 27th Feb 2011
Pl. validate.
Earlier .. and .. has shared the same plant.
IMG 776 and 777 are of a different tree hopefully of the same species. 

Lecythidaceae (brazil nut family) » Gustavia augusta L. … commonly known as: gustavia, majestic heaven lotus, stinkwood 
Native to: Central America, tropical South America
References: Flowers of IndiaNPGS / GRINTop TropicalsDave’s Garden
14 APR 2012… more views on 14 APR 2012: … another view on 12 JUL 2009



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