Panama to NW. Ecuador as per WCSP;
Common name: Heaven Lotus, Gustavia

Gustavia superba is an understorey tree that grows in Central and North-Western South America.[1] Common names include membrillo, sachamango and heaven lotus. The trunk is around 5-10m high with the leaves radiating from the top (like palms).[2]

Gustavia fosteri grows naturally as an understory tree, where it is abundant, especially in secondary forests[2] . It appreciates abundant moisture, sun and well drained soil. It branches little until mature, and has a bunch of leaves at the top, so that it resembles a palm. Seeds are dispersed by agoutis. The leaves are a favourite food of iguanas.[3]
It bears rounded pear shaped fruit cauliflorously (on the trunk). Inside the hard green shell that contain several large seeds about 4 cm in diameter. The yellowish-orange pulp is edible, is usually boiled after which it is said to resemble meat in taste. It is rich in A, B and C vitamins.[4]
The tree is not widely known outside its native range from Ecuador to Panama and Venezuela, but has been planted in tropical botanical gardens, including in Singapore (where it is referred to as ‘pungol’) and Australia.[5][6]
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Gustavia Superba : AK – efloraofindia | Google Groups : 2 posts by 2 authors.
My pictures of this beautiful flower taken at different occasions at Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai. This place has some very rare trees.

I am confessing to you that I have never seen this plant in life called Gustavia superba (Kunth) O.Berg (1856) from the family Lecythidaceae. Thank you for aggravating my knowledge on plants.

Gustavia superba
Family: Lecythidaceae
A medium size evergreen tree native to Panama
Pics taken in V.J.B.Udyan (Rani bagh), Mumbai in the 2nd week of July 2010.

… you are making me a fan of your photography !!!
I a running out of words to appreciate your lensmanship.



Every person has his/her own circles. The diameter of my circles are very narrow and one is confined within Hooghly, rarely extending to Howrah-Kolkata-Burdwan. Yesterday went to tropical America!

Well, not literally!
Species : Gustavia insignis (as can be seen in the attached image, though with misspelling!)
Accepted name : Gustavia angusta Ruiz ex O. Berg and two more
Date : 25-05-12, 1.18 p.m.
Place : Agri-Horticultural Society of India, Alipore, Kolkata
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It was my first visit to the society and i reached there at around 12.20 noon. I went there to enquire about availability of certain seeds and was told to wait until 1.30 p.m.

So, i confined myself within 100 mt. of the seed department. Saw many blooming species, recorded about 10, within that one hour of time span. But don’t know IDs except those Ixora and Quisqoalis.
Attaching a map of the garden to show where i spent my one hour rendezvous, with an ambience of 39°C plus 85% relative humidity, it was the red arrow marked zone displaying “You are here”!

I returned home without collecting any seed. I was there for midnapore creeper only and it was not available there. Neither did i see the mad tree or star fruit tree, saw a big bakul and a fruiting jarul, some palm i don’t know. Wish i would go there sometimes in winter.

Gustavia insignis Linden ex Hook. is a synonym of Gustavia augusta L.

Gustavia gracillima:
Gustavia gracillima/gracillipis
Family: Lecythidaceae
Heaven Lotus, Narrow-Leaved Gustavia
Origin: Colombia
A small to medium size tree with beautiful thin green leaves and very showy, dark pink flowers.
Leaves are large and long, the tree has a very tropical look.
Had seen it at Jeeja Mata Udhyan. 

Yes it is Gustavia species. One tree is available in Theosophical society campus, Chennai.

First image is Gustavia superba (Kunth) O.Berg as per images herein.
2nd one is Gustavia augusta L. as per images herein.


Plant ID:
Please help identify the plant. The pictures were taken at Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai on 09 March 2011.

– this tree and its flowers  remind me of one I have seen in the Hort. garden in Calcutta: one of the Gustavias….
most like this is: Gustavia superba…. flowers of India site has examples of two different gustavias…….
that G. superba flower was also from Jijamata udyan , picture taken in 2007….

Gustavia gracillium Miers.

– It is Gustavia gracilium Miers. it is a shrub not tree, growing in Rani baug, Byculla just front of the Director office.

-here I am attaching photo of Gustavia superba to clear confusion from Gustavia gracillium

Gustavia superba (Kunth) O.Berg as per images herein.


MS/2023) 122 – Gustavia superba , Chennai.: 8 images.
I am attaching herewith a few photographs of Gustavia superba. Photographs were captured  a decade back in Chennai.

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