Gypsophila, Baby’s breath, Annual Baby’s-breath, Showy Baby’s-breath Chandni चांदनी (Hindi);



Caryophyllaceae Week: Gypsophila elegans from Delhi and Kashmir: Gypsophila elegans M. Bieb., Fl. taur.-caucas. 1:319. 1808
Common names: Annual baby’sbreath; showy baby’sbreath
Cultivated annual herb up to 50 cm tall, erect, stems glabrous, forking; leaves lanceolate to linear, up to 7 cm long; flowers white, 10-14 mm across, long-pedicelled, in loose open panicles; petals emarginate, 2 to 3 times as long as calyx.

Commonly cultivated, Photographed from Kashmir and Delhi.

Requesting to please ID this plant captured in the Ooty Botanical Gardens, Ooty in November 2013.

Can this be Gypsophila elegans?

size of flowers?

I’m sorry … This is a very old post. I do not recollect the size.

To me looks different from images at Gypsophila elegans M.Bieb.




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