photograph for flora photo of the year: Herewith i am sending a photograph for flora photo of the year.

Habenaria diphylla Dalz.
Characters :- Leaves two – basal, raceme 2 to many flowered,flowers greenish white, RET species

Awesome…. just looks like a Mamoth…. with 2tusk and trunk ….

As per … suggestion herewith i am sending entire picture of Habenaria diphylla Dalz.
… yes it has two levaes only………

sometime i really doubt this plant to be diphylla. Originally diphylla doesnt have two leaves. But i dont know experts accept such variation.

I too have got the picture of H. diphylla from Udupi district Karnataka. That plant too had two leaves.
Which is the related species? Is there any difference in the flower of the related species other than number of leaves?

Lobes of labellum are quite variable and then the leaves.

One related species is Habenaria reniformis. But the lateral lobes are not so long and leaves perfectly match. Infact the lateral lobes are sometimes absent too.
The plant in the picture is Habenaria diphylla only.



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Distribution: India to China (S. Yunnan) and Philippines


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