Habenaria diphylla sometimes wrongly identified as Habenaria reniformis 
Kankavali, 2017, Phonda, Maharashtra in small hillocks in grasses enjoys extremely hot and humid weather. 

attaching some photos for reference 

love it. details. good photography and esp the ruler /tape- makes life easier for the taxonomist 

No, the plants in the pictures are indeed Habenaria reniformis and NOT Habenaria diphylla.

If I show you variations in Habenaria reniformis you all will be shocked. But forget about flowers and concentrate on leaves. These leaves 100% belong to Habenaria reniformis.
Find a true Habenaria diphylla and I will confirm!! Or find my pic of Habenaria diphylla 🙂 available online. Please remember that H. diphylla not always have two leaves. Very often they have more than two leaves.

Please check the leaves in this plate  

The labellum of Habenaria reniformis is very variable. Sometimes lobed, sometime no lobes, sometimes even lobes just on one side. Sometimes spurred, sometimes not, sometimes inconspicuously spurred. It is obvious that your plant has leaves so you can differentiate them. 

On flowers of India you can check you plant and my plant with different flowers.
You can see the variation on the following link:

Please reply to all for further answers.
Have you read Dalzell’s description? 

Yes sure you might be right sir but have you examind flower from maharashtra kokan population?? It matched well with description given in orchids of bombay. so are you indicating that dalzell and santapau and kapadia had misidentified it??  

Have you read Dalzell’s description? and Don’s description?  


The Plant List  

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