Euploca ovalifolia (Forsk.) Diane & Hilger (syn: Heliotropium apiculatum E. Mey. ex DC.; Heliotropium brocchianum VIsl.; Heliotropium cinereum R. Br.; Heliotropium coromandelianum Koen. ex Retz.; Heliotropium gracile R. Br.; Heliotropium kunzei Lehm.; Heliotropium niloticum A. DC.; Heliotropium obovatum D. Don; Heliotropium ovalifolium Forsk.; Heliotropium phyllosepalum Baker; Heliotropium polystachyum Poir.; Heliotropium sienites DC.; Heliotropium syenites Spreng.; Heliotropium tomentosum Poir.; Heliotropium villosum Sieber. ex DC.) as per Catalogue of Life;
Common name: Seaside Heliotrope, Wild heliotrope, Salt heliotrope
— from the Greek helios (sun) and trope (turning)
o-val-ee-FOH-lee-um — oval leaf Dave’s Botanary
Native to: Africa, tropical Asia, Australia
The inflorescences seen were mostly terminal and often doubled. The leaves are 2 cm or less, mucronate.
They also have a conspicuous midvein, obscure lateral veins and are villous both sides.

Herbs, prostrate and spreading, glabrous and succulent, the younger parts sometimes glaucous. Leaves alternate or somewhat fasciculate, oblanceolate, lanceolate, or spathulate, to 3.5 cm long and 0.6-0.7 cm wide, obtuse, the margins entire, the bases attenuate; petioles obscure. Inflorescences spike-like, scorpioid when immature, unilateral, mostly terminal, c. 2-4.5 cm long; bracts absent. Flowers small, sessile, crowded; calyx of 5 sepals, slightly connate basally, elongate-deltoid, c. 1.2-1.3 mm long; corolla salverform, white, the tube somewhat saccate, c. 1.2 mm long, the lobes c. 0.8 mm long; stamens 5, sessile, the anthers 0.6 mm long; ovary 4-lobed, the disc obscure, the style absent, the stigma conical, annular pubescent at the widened base. Fruit 4-lobed, 2.3 x 3.8 mm, the 4 nutlets frequently remaining together at maturity, the nutlets glabrous, wedge-shaped, c. 1.6-1.7 mm long.  

Flowering and fruiting: January-April
Sea coasts and mangrove forests

Heliotropium curassavicum is a species of heliotrope that is native to much of the Americas, from Canada to Argentina, and can be found on other continents as an introduced species.

It is known by several common names, such as Seaside Heliotrope, Salt Heliotrope, Monkey Tail, Quail Plant and Chinese parsley (although this last name is also used for coriander. in Latin American Spanish it is known as cola de mico or cola de gama, and it is called kīpūkai in Hawaii.
It thrives in salty soils, such as beach sand and alkali flats. This is a perennial herb which can take the form of a prostrate creeper along the ground to a somewhat erect shrub approaching 0.5 m (1.6 ft) in height.
The stem and foliage are fleshy, with the leaves thick and oval or spade-shaped. The plentiful inflorescences are curled, coiling double rows of small bell-shaped flowers. Each flower is white with five rounded lobes and a purple or yellow throat. The fruit is a smooth nutlet.
(From Wikipedia on 30.7.13)

Heliotropium sp.- 210511-PKA2: 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)
Seen this small herb near Gorewada Lake (Nagpur).

Looks like Heliotropium sp.
Date/Time: 16-05-2011 / 07:25AM
Plant Habit: Herb
Habitat: Wild
Family: Boraginaceae

Heliotropium ovalifolium ?

yes I agree with you .

Yes Heliotropium ovalifolium  I too agree with …

Boraginaceae Week :: Heliotropium ovalifolium at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary:
Heliotropium ovalifolium Forssk. … is it now synonym of Euploca ovalifolia (Forssk.) Diane & Hilger … as per NPGS / GRIN ?
hee-lee-oh-TROH-pee-um — from the Greek helios (sun) and trope (turning)
o-val-ee-FOH-lee-um — oval leaf
Dave’s Botanary

Jun 12, 2010 … at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra
commonly known as: grey leaf heliotrope • yet to compile names
Native to: Africa, tropical Asia, Australia
References: Flowers of IndiaPIERNPGS / GRINFurther Flowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar
more views: Jun 12, 2010 … at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra

It seems from the Plant List that Euploca ovalifolia is now considered as a synonym of Heliotropium ovalifolium.
Hence, the current accepted name of the plant is Heliotropium ovalifolium.

… many thanks for discussing this point.
Normally I look up The Plants List for checking status of synonymy.
But the update at NPGS / GRIN shows Euploca ovalifolia … Name verified on: 31-Mar-2012 by ARS Systematic Botanists.
Not sure if this update is yet considered at The Plants List.
Hence the query.


Boraginaceae Week :: Heliotropium ovalifolium at Gorewada Nagpur:
Seen this small herb near Gorewada Lake (Nagpur).
Bot. name: Heliotropium ovalifolium
Date/Time: 16-05-2011 / 07:25AM
Plant Habit: Herb
Habitat: Wild
Family: Boraginaceae

love the third pic in particular
is that a characteristic or just a cnace growth of double spray??

heliotropium ovalifolium:

Heliotropium ovalifolium, of family Boraginaceae
my place in alibaug
past few weeks


Herb for ID: SPC-005:
Please help to identify this herb from Baroda with small white flowers.

Heliotropium … perhaps H. ovalifolium (family Boraginaceae)

Yes i also agree for H. ovalifolium

Hooghly Today : Heliotropium ovalifolium Forssk : Attachments (10). 3 posts by 2 authors.
This seems to be what has been described as নাগফুলি (NAAG-PHOOLI) in Bengali – FOI.

Yes …, very beautiful and detailed pictures…

Thank you Sir, i was lucky to find its four-chambered fruits also.

Spreading prostrate herb: Is this a Heliotropium — GE-21-May-2013 :  2 images. 4 posts by 3 authors.
Spreading prostrate herb growing wild , Chennai outskirts, March end.
Is it a Heliotropium species? Pleasae help id.

May be Heliotropium europaeum..

May be Heleotropium ovalifolium

Thanks for the inputs.
Yes it is H.ovalifolium Forssk., matches the description and photos.

The inflorescences seen were mostly terminal and often doubled.
The leaves are 2 cm or less, mucronate.
They also have a conspicuous midvein, obscure lateral veins and are villous both sides
, as seen in most images.


Coastal Herb from Java 2 : Attachments (1). 3 posts by 2 authors.
I hope you could help me identify our plant please.

looks like Heliotropium ovalifolium, Boraginaceae

Thank you …

Wetland :: Heliotropium for identification :: 140314MK :: March 004 : 7 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (7).

Please help me in identifying this small herb ascending up to less than 10cm high.
Leaves: pubecent; 3 cm long
Habitat: clayey soil near a wetland
Place: Thanjavur dist., TN
Alt.: 50 m asl

Heliotropium curassavicum L.

Could it be H. ovalifolium?

efi pages on Heliotropium ovalifolium & Heliotropium curassavicum

Sir, As per KEY and description Heliotropium curassavicum L, is a glabrous species.

Is H.curassavicum a halophyte? I found this herb in a freshwater wetland.

Following links might help :-
ID Plant PKP 160413 : 1 post by 1 author.
Please ID Plant
Near Sapa

It appears to be Euploca ovalifolia (Forsk.) Diane & Hilger as per images herein.

Heliotropium for ID SMP Aug01 : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
Observed this small herb near a water body on Vetal tekdi Pune.
I think this is Heliotropium supinum. Please validate or opine otherwise.
The points in favour of my ID
1. Near moist area
2. Prostrate, much branched
3. Leaves 1-2 cm x 0.6cm ovate elliptic
4. Flowers white subsessile(?)in uniseriate villous cymes
5. Fruits enclosed by calyx.

Yes, It looks like Heliotropium supinum

Yes it is H. supinum

Very nice pictures as usual.
I had also seen a small Heliotropium herb near the Gangapur Lake in Nasik.
It could be the same.
I will post separately.

Euploca ovalifolia (Forsk.) Diane & Hilger as per images herein

Thanks, … But pl. see images of Heliotropium supinum as per the following links, which are totally different from … post:

Herb for ID, Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh, NAW-AUG18-05 : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)
Kindly identify this herb with minute white flowers found growing on the edge of a small dam reservoir in Anuppur District, Madhya Pradesh, Photographed in July 2018.

Please check Heliotropium ovalifolium.

Would that be Euploca ovalifolium?

please use our database. its very fruitful and informative. in this case i will give you the page
it will answer your synonym question and then some more. but its very easy to use our website. plants are listed alphabetically. by using the website, its faster, easier, you get the answer right away and get to see many other pictures of the same case, in  species where many of our members have contributed cases.
I hope you get familiar with our website.

Yes, another name of the same plant as per efi link given by …

Prostrate plant for ID :: near Pune, Jan 2019 :: ARK2019-19 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)
See this plant near a freshwater lake at Kumbhargaon near Pune, MH in Jan 2019.
Is this Euploca ovalifolia (guessed based on efi pics)?
Kindly validate.

To me also appears close to images at Euploca ovalifolia (Forsk.) Diane & Hilger


Heliotropium ovalifolia

Heliotropium ovalifolium

ID Request 021214SG : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Please help identify this weed.  Photo taken on 2Dec14 at Mohol, Maharashtra.

Boraginaceae Family, Could be some Heliotropium sp..

Heliotropium supinum L.

Appears more closer to images at Euploca ovalifolia

OK …, you are correct.

on heliotrpium shows a case of Euploca ovalifolia which also has an independent page.
do we have a key to their separation? or a paper ??

I hope Heliotropium ovalifolium is an accepted name now,


at Phansad WLS, Maharashtra- 8/3/09?; On 5/7/09 around Pocharam Lake, Medak district, A.P.; Heliotropium ovalifolium (Grey leaf heliotrope) – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Need help with id in Bhopal (Heliotropium?): 3 images.
Bhopal; 8/4/2021

Heliotropium ovalifolium


Heliotropium Species for ID : Nasik : 23APR21 : AK-17: 2 images.
Heliotropium Species seen in a grassland.
Very small plants.

H. ovalifolium


Heliotropium for id: 2 images.
Request for I’d of Heliotropium from Bilaspur. Photographed in March 2022.

Euploca ovalifolia (Forsk.) Diane & Hilger


Regarding identification of the species collected from Anugul, Odisha: 4 very high res. images.

Euploca ovalifolia (Forssk.) Diane & Hilger !

Euploca ovalifolia (Forssk.) Diane & Hilger Syn : Heliotropium ovalifolium Forssk.


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