unknown Borag from Arizona:  I’m hoping someone can help me ID this Heliotropium…  I sent a couple
duplicates out, but with no response, so I’m making my plea to all.  I know identifying Boraginaceae from herbarium material is not ideal, but it’s a pretty high res scan and if you click on the zoom button, you can get fairly close.
It does not fit any regional key, and Using Flora of China, fits the description of H. lasiocarpum (also keys out to this).  We have two sheets from Delhi, India that it matches perfectly – one labeled ‘H. subulatum Hochst.’, the other ‘H. supinum L.’ niether of which are synonyms of H. lasiocarpum Fischer & C. A. Meyer, so as you can see, I’m confused.  It’s apparently an Old World species, but that’s about all I know. I have more duplicate material and would be happy to send it to anyone interested.
thanks in advance for your help.