ID confirmation MS0170311 – 16- Lily: Photo taken on 17.3.11.    Place :   Residence at  Mysore

– This is a Hippeastrum hybrid

– commonly called easter lily FA



Amaryllis Lily -17041MN: Sending photos of Amaryllis Lily
Botanical name : Hippeastrum hybrid
family                : Amaryllidaceae
Place               : Matheran
Date                 : 16.-4.2011

Here is mine with White flowers from Morni hills resort.

– You have any idea why my two years old plant is not flowering?  When I bought it as a bulb it flowered, then stopped flowering.

– … it often happens with bulbous plants. When you buy them they have enough of food storage for flowering. The flowers exhaust food reserves. You have to put good manure and nurture plants during next 11 months so that it may attain good food storage for flowering next year. Daffodils often don’t flower even with care in dry tropical climate, as summer heat exhausts the food storage.

– I will put lots of dried cow dung and ash around the plant this year.  Hope to see it flowering next year.



RequestID_19062011DS_SN2:  This Lily is from my roof garden – in April 2011.
Broad petals – dark red white fine stripes. In general, it is Easter Lily. Detail Id requested.

this is an Amaryllis lily…  Family Amaryllidaceae
originated in SOUTH AMERICA … (this name Amaryllis is also a misnomer.. true Amaryllis is naked lady” lily from South Africa…no leaves when it flowers in the wild) ..

….true name of your red lily is Hippeastrum
Easter lily by tradition is the white lily Lilium longiflorum …   Family:      Liliaceae  originated in JAPAN…
Your red lily like flower flowered in April here in cal, (easter time)  but traditionally in northern climates… its forced as an indoor flowering plant when outside is dark and drab in winter…  its not always an April bloomer…



Lily – Flower and fruit…: When a flower became a fruit….

I think this is Hippeastrum equestre

I’ve has Hippeastrums for years but never seen them bear fruit, in Bombay, Goa, Secunderabad and Chennai.
Is this because of the climate?

That would indeed be interesting to know. Mhow is to the north of all these cities you mention. Roughly 600 kms north east of Mumbai (part of Indore district) and has a proper winter with lowest temperatures reaching around 3 celsius – always a degree or two lower than Indore city.

Yes it is hippiastrum sps. commonly grown pune gardens



Plant For ID Plant from Arakonam: This ornamental plant was taken from Arakonam, Tamil Nadu on 05.05.2012
Only stem and flowers are available.

Looks like Hippeastrum species ( a kind of lily in Amaryllidaceae family)- ornamnetal.



Lycoris sanguinea in bamboo thicket from Hooghly:

Found these beautiful flowers in the wild. This was a wonderful gift from my beloved colleague … who passed me the breaking news!
Species : Lycoris sanguinea Maxim.
Habit & Habitat : wild herb, roadside
Date : 04-05-12, 10.30 a.m.
Place : Garalgacha (Hooghly), WB

I think this would be Hippeastrum roseum.

Thank you very much, …, for the correct ID. A net search tells me it is Hippeastrum roseum, not the Lycoris sanguinea.

How do you differentiate between Hippeastrum roseum and Lycoris Sanguinea. Please let me know if posiible as net is full of confusing information!

It was an uncultivated area inside a village.

I am not a botanist so will not be able to give scientific details. My input here is from a purely horticultural aspect having grown Lycoris and Hippeastrum (hybrids and a few species) commercially..Both Lycoris and Hippeastrum are bulbous, decidous/dormant (in respective season) plants and they belong to the family Amaryllidaceae. Lycoris is of Asian origin (China/Japan) while Hippeastrum is native to South America (Argentina/Brazil). Lycoris are winter growers and flower in summer after loosing their leaves. Hippeastrum go dormant in winter and flower from early spring before continuing their growth.
I am attaching picture of Lycoris radiata and Lycoris aurea. Both these species flower for us in Kalimpong from mid August through September. Hippeastrum roseum and Hippeastrum puniceum have just finished flowering for us…April/May . I am listing a few links below which might provide further information.
Hippeastrum roseum synonym
You will find from the last two links that Hippeastrum roseum is actually a synonym of Rhodophiala rosea. Couldn’t get more complicated than that! Lycoris aurea and Lycros radiata are grown in villages by farmers and in the many flower nurseries in Kaimpong as a commercial crop. During the summer, in the “haat bazaar” of Kalimpong (Saturday and Wednesday), villagers can be seen selling bunches of Lycoris cut flowers along with vegetables, fruits, goats and chickens! The accompanying photo of the haat bazaar was taken in early October and you can see some bunches of Lycoris aurea flowers below the green bananas hanging from the wall.
More confusion. Most “Amaryllis” hybrids sold commercially are actually Hippeastrum Hybrids!!

Thank you very much … for all these info on Lycoris & Hippeastrum.
But your fourth image, specially the anthers, matches with the flowers in my another post at – https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/indiantreepix/SdvtSZa_L4Q !
Moreover, the plant in the above post have many leaves while the plants in this post have very few leaves. This doesn’t matches with the description you provided on Lycoris.

It appears to me that the species uploaded in my another post – https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/indiantreepix/SdvtSZa_L4Q is Hippeastrum roseum as have been identified by …
But the species featured here, i think, is not Hippeastrum roseum, maybe some other species of Hippeastrum as in – http://www.123rf.com/stock-photo/amaryllidaceae_stamen.html (the validity in this link is questionable).
Hours of google search gives me some interesting find –
1) Almost all Hippeastrum images do bear short anther with yellow pollen, so do Lycoris
2) Images of Hippeastrum also feature leaves alongwith, on the other hand images of Lycoris seldom feature flower and leaves together.
3) scape height doesn’t help, neither flowering season helps.

Attaching pictures of the same plants recorded today (29-05-12) from the same place. Please, note different anthers on different flowers. Also note that fallen bamboo leaves were burnt recently and it’s a common practice. However, the fire must have killed/charred those flowering shoots and the tubers underneath must have developed new shoots within days.



Lily for ID : Nasik : 160912 : AK-2: Picture taken on 10/4/2009 at Gangajal Nursery, Nasik.

This is Amaryllis or Coast Lily?

Could this Lily be Hippeastrum vittatum?

Looks like a Hippeastrum sp. may be some hybrid. may be H. vittatum.



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