by Prashant Awale, Nidhan Singh (Id by D S Rawat), Balkar Singh (Id by Gurcharan Singh), D S Rawat & Alok Mahendroo (Id by Gurcharan Singh) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details,
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26-09-2010: On the way to Hampta Pass, (Cheeka); Inula grandiflora -28102010-PKA2 – efloraofindia | Google Groups




Bhandal Valley id Al161111-A: An autumn visit to Bhandal valley did not show many flowers…. this was one of the few
Location Bhandal Valley, Chamba
Altitude 2200 mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild/near stream (wet overhangs)
Height 18 inches
Season October

I hope Inula grandiflora




VoF Week: 09092012 BS2 Inula sp for Id from valley and Ghangriya near Helipad:  Inula sp for Id from valley and Ghangriya near Helipad

List of species already reported???

Large single head, rigid, strongly hairy involucre bracts suggest Inula grandiflora.
Inula barbata Willd. [=Inula grandiflora Wall. ex DC.] is a common shrubby based perennial with beautiful yellow flower heads in late season (August –October) in sub alpine areas of West Himalaya.
Here photographed at Tungnath, Uttarakhand

Nice photograph …

I will upload mine from Kashmir soon.



Came across this herb near Cheeka (Approx. 10000 ft altitude), Manali region.
Bot. name: Inula grandiflora
Family: Asteraceae
Date/Time: 26-09-2010 / 04:10PM
Location: On the way to Hampta Pass, (Cheeka)
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Herb




Asteraceae Fortnight Part I-Radiate Heads: Glandular-Hairy Herb from VOF- NS 87 Attachments (6). 3 posts by 2 authors.

This plant was shot from different locations in the valley and surroundings… id help required.. 

Seems Inula grandiflora.

Thanks …, seems quite possible..



Inula orientalis –en-route Shakati – GHNP – PKA47 : 5 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (4).
Inula orientalis (Syn: Inula grandiflora); Family: Asteraceae.
Location: en-route Shakati – GHNP at altitude of approx. 2600m
Date/Time: 30-09-2014 / 09:45AM

very best of inula pics I have seen in recent times

Yes … Very good photographs.

Yes, very beautiful pictures



Kailas Manasarovar Route::Inula royleana NSJ-SEP16/13 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
Inula royleana for validation. Photo taken near Gunji, Aug 2016, approx altitude 11000 feet.

Sorry, this is not Inula royleana. I was immediately suspicious because as far I know, this species has not been recorded outside of Pakistan or Kashmir, typically in forests or shrubberies (I have seen it in the latter above Khelanmarg). I shall post images of this species to add to those from Kashmir I can confirm as that species on this site.
As for this, at first look it seems to be Inula grandiflora, which I know from Kulu Valley and Lahaoul (Flowers of HImalaya say it is quite common in Kashmir Valley). So this represents a new species for efi.

It is Inula orientalis Lam. (syn: Inula grandiflora), already uploaded by …

efi thread

The two similar looking species are easily differentiated as under:

I. orientalis: Leaf tip acute, margin serrated; ;involucre bracts linear-lanceolate, not more than 2 mm broad, up to 11 mm long; heads 3-8 cm across; ligules up to 18 mm long
I. royleana: Leaf tip and teeth obtuse, Involucre bracts broader, foliaceous, outer up to 6 mm broad; heads 5-10 cm across; ligules up to 35 mm long. 



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