recommedation for identification of plant : identification of plant…

Without flower, attempting for id would not be ideal. But, I assume a species of Ipomoea of Convolvulaceae family. Either let us wait to get the flower or for expert comments from others as well to confirm.

efloraindia: 140911 BRS19: Request for identification of photos attached herewith.

Location: Coimbatore, Codisia Road (Near Air Port)
Date: March, 2011
Habitat- Urban
Habit- Climber

Ipomoea indica or I nil
Second looks different from first

The plant in the first picture may be Ipomoea indica. Would you please send a picture of side view of the flower in which the sepals are clearly seen?

I have attached a photos of the (Ipomoea indica). Tomorrow I will try to get picture diff. view of the flowers and plant. Its very near to my house.

Pl. find the attached file photos of I indica for id.

The second picture looks like Ipomoea staphylina. If possible upload one more habit photo.

Are you sure that these pictures are of the same plant that was attached as the first picture of your previous mail?
Here the leaves are 5-7 lobed whereas, in the previous one the leaves are 3-lobed.
In the first picture of previous mail, I assumed that there are more than 2-3 flowers per inflorescence with longer sepals here in this picture it seems that there are 2 flowers per inflorescence with shorter sepals.
Kindly clarify.


Wild Flower for ID: May I request you to please help in ID of this flower. Photographed at Bandhavgarh National Park

Flowers looks like Ipomoea but leaves not supporting the id

Yes My fault that time that I concentrated more on flower.

May be I. purpurea

I. purpures. Leaf belong to other plant.


For ID- 201211- NS1, Flora of Madhya Pradesh:  I photographed dis peculiar vine on d way to Jungle in Betul, MP.

Could it be some Ipomoea?

… se sahamat.
In Baitul region it is locally known as Ghughri. You can find it in popular Ethnoveterinary Formulations of Baitul region.

…, the plant with dried fruits is certainly a species of Ipomoea, as identified by … In the absence of leaf and flower, species level id is not advisable.
The leafy plant in pics 3 & 4 looks like Capparis zeylanica.


Ipomoea muricata- Flora of Madhya Pradesh: This Ipomoea muricata was photographed in wild at Betul, MP. Dated- 12.12.11
Plz validate.

Good shots … I could not capture this vine with flower fully opened. Thanks for sharing

I spotted it across a nullah. So these r very long shots.
Another day I went for it but ….flowers were closed already.

Why can’t this be Ipomoea indica?

The flowers were much smaller than dat f Ipomoea indica and leaves were comparatively smaller too.
Also flowers were closed by 12 noon ( wen next day I went to capture it).
Leaves- Stalked,heart shaped, ovate
Leaf size- 5-9 cm ( L ) to 5-7 cm ( B)
Flowers- funnel-shaped flowers,Bluish purple with yellow centre.
Flower size- 3-4 cm across
Please judge and confirm the Id.

Could it be Ipomoea nil. ?


Please identify this plant – NS240811:  Photographed at my farm at Shahapur. The locals call it Ran Ratalu which is the wild form of the Sweet Potato [Ipomea batatas].

what is the size of leaves and the kind of flowers? Pls check, this may be Ipomoea mauritiana.

Thanks … Only discovered this plant last week so have no clue as to the nature of its flowers, fruit etc. Will keep a check.

However the local names of Ipomea mauritiana are Bhui-kavali / Bhumy-kumvali / Cuvali / Taali which is far removed from Ran Ratalu.


Wild vine ID request – RK47 – 3-Nov-2012: Request id of this wild vine from Mumbai. Flowers not seen but pix of fruits are attached. The surface of the fruits is covered with sharp bristles.

The leaves, I think, are of an Ipomoea sp. (climber), and the fruits represent probably of an Abelmoschus sp.

Thanks a lot … I will recheck when I visit the place again.


Ipomoea for ID : 210112 : Oman : AK-2: Seen this climber on the 20 th of Jan,12 in Muscat ,Oman at a plant nursery.

Big white flowers approximately 3-4 inches.

Could this be Ipomoea alba?

Kindly id.

Ipomoea sagittifolia Burm.fil. ??

Sepals are different in Ipomoea sagittifolia as per images and details herein. 


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please enable the ID

Ipomoea sp

Picture is too small.

Pl. post larger size pictures of say 800 by 600 pixels.


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please enable the ID

Ipomoea sp

Picture is too small.

Pl. post larger size pictures of say 800 by 600 pixels

developed a park & used it as ground cover; PLEASE RD – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Ipomoea chinensis or Ipomoea grandifolia ?;
at Shahapur– 11/10/09;  Ipomea chinensis – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Ipomoea clarkei or Ipomoea grandifolia or .. ?;