Ipomoea triloba Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 1: 161. 1753. (Syn: Batatas triloba (Linnaeus) Choisy; Convolvulus trilobus (Linnaeus) Desrousseaux; Ipomoea blancoi Choisy.) as per Flora of China ?



identification no200211sn2: id.please. take at my farm in Mulshi, Pune in Feb.
plant habit: may be climber
height:about 4 ft.
other info:pink in colour

… most probably the littlebell morning glory, Ipomoea triloba … native of tropical America.

This is probably Argyria sp.

The plant may be Ipomoea triloba or perhaps another closely related species in the Batatas series Ipomoea trifida.
I personally do not think the plant is an Argyreia , although the wide tube could lead someone to countenence and Argyreia, although the sepals are much more consistent with an Ipomoea in series Batatas.
The plant in the photos above are displaying some partially malformed tubes ( which in cultivated Ipomoea nil “asagao” are known as ‘reverse tubes’) and these type of corolla tubes (whether present in cultivated or wild strains) to various degrees collapse (prolapse ?) backwards / downwards upon themselves resulting in the outer edge of the limb to be closer to the top of the stamens and pistil than would ordinarilly be the case, additionally the base of the corolla can appear to be wider then normal when viewed from the outside of the corolla.
The partially collapsed tube can best be viewed in the upper right of the photo here
efi thread…

My impression is that despite the prescence of some partially collapsed tubes, the plant is likely to be as … has suggested and that is likely Ipomoea triloba , although the tube as viewed from the inside of the corolla does appear to be wider than is usual for Ipomoea triloba and I would therefore consider a color variant of Ipomoea trifida as a possibility.
I hope to see more closeup views of sepals as these structures are Key to differential identification in many Ipomoea and other Convolvulaceae…
Hope my impressions may be of value.

Doesnt look like Ipomoea triloba, the funnel shape is very much like Argyreia sp



Fwd: Ipomoea SHg to Phulpur 4km : 2 posts by 1 author. 1 image- 3 MB.
For ID pl

Thanks, … Pl. check at Ipomoea

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