Jacaranda obtusifolia ssp. rhombifolia or Jacaranda mimosifolia;




Kindly Id this tree about 80-90 feet tall on a roadsie at Pune on Pune Nagar road
is it Jacaranda Mimosifolia or Jacaranda obtusifolia subsp rhombifolia?
there were 2 trees going straight up like 2 giant pillars with light purple to light blue flowers in bunches at the top. I could not photograph the trunk as many cars were parked in front of the trees. IMG_1551 is showing some white to pink flowers but they are of Tabebuia rosea tree which was close to these trees.

[efloraofindia:09012013MR1] Bignoniaceae Week: Jacaranda spp from Pune:  Sharing pictures of Jacaranda spp from Pune. Id confirmation is pending. ref my previous post



Bgnoniaceae Week: 080113 SS2: Jacaranda seed pods from Trivandrum: 

Pictures of seed pods of Jacaranda species photographed on 3 May 2012 from Trivandrum city.
This is the first time I noticed the pods. I am not sure of the species.
Could it be Jacaranda mimosifolia? How do you differentiate it from J. obtusifolia?

Nice to see fruits Jacaranda … It is difficult to id on the basis of fruits

Thank you …  I know it is difficult to id with just the fruits.
I will be on the look out for the flowers this season and also have a close look at the leaves. 



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