Jansenella griffithiana (C.Muell.) Bor, Kew Bull. 10: 98 1955. (Syn. Arundinella avenacea Munro ex Thwaites; Arundinella campbelliana Lisboa; Arundinella griffithiana (C.Muell.) Bor; Avena malabarica B.Heyne ex Hook.f. [Invalid]; Danthonia griffithiana C.Muell.; Danthoniopsis griffithiana (C.Muell.) Bor);
W. India, Sri Lanka, Assam to Myanmar: Assam, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka as per POWO;
Jansen Grass;
This plant is is distributed in India, Myanmar and Srilanka;


Jansenella griffithiana (C. Mull.) Bor:
Attaching the images of Jansenella griffithiana (C. Mull.) Bor
This plant is is distributed in India, Myanmar and Srilanka which remained as a monotypic genus untill recently.

Recently a new species- Jansenella neglecta S. R. Yadav, Chivalkar et Gosavi- have been described from Maharashtra. The name ‘neglecta‘ indicates the cryptic nature of the species being neglected among the populations of J. griffithiana. An account of both species is available in 20th volume of Rheedea (Vol. 20(1):38-43, 2010).
Photograph of the plant is taken from Amboli, Kolahapur District of Maharashtra (21.01.2011).
Image of the spikelet is taken from a collection of this species from Wayanad, Kerala.

Lovely picture thanks for sharing, yes Jansenella griffithiana (plant shows variations)


KAS Week DS_081012_03 Id Please:  I have some pics from KAS, of poor quality, and I could not identify.
Need your help.

Probably grass of Jansenella griffithiana sp. Pls excuse my first attempt to ID a Poaceae.

Yes. It is Jansenella griffithiana




identification no131011sn1:

Kindly id. this plant
plant habit:herb
other info: colour white, growing in cluster, did not change colour even later.

This could be Jansenella griffithiana?? Family: Poaceae.  

I too think that this could be Jansenella griffithiana of Poaceae family
Any pictures in which the basal leaves are clearly visible? 

Yes it is Jansenella griffithiana 



Poaceae, Cyperaceae and Juncaceae Week ::Poaceae » Jansenella griffithia​na at Kulang Fort :: PKA9::  2 attachments. 1 post by 1 author.

This Herb was photographed at “Kulang Fort” (20-09-09).
Bot. name: Jansenella griffithiana
Family: Poaceae




Place, Altitude: near Lion’s Point, Lonavala … about 2500 ft asl
Date, Time: 02 OCT 09 … 11:29am
Habitat: monsoon vegetation on lateritic plateau
Habit: erect herb; not sure of height

Jansnella griffithiana. It is an interesting photograph. The inflorescence is of Jansnella, but the green linear leaves are of some other species, probably, Dimeria, whose inflorescence (paired racemes) can be seen in the background of the third photograph. The leaves (cordate based) of Jansnella griffithiana have dried up and can be seen on close observation of the photograph. Would like to have a close up of the other species too.

Thank you very much … for the IDs.
Now that you made clear about the mix of grasses, it is easy to realize.
I checked the 3rd photograph; but none of the paired racemes are in focus – therefore not uploading any cropped version.
Instead, sending you the original photo (full size – 5MB) in separate mail.

at “Kulang Fort” (20-09-09); PKA240909-2 (ID request) – indiantreepix | Google Groups