Yellow Jacobinia, Yellow jacobina;

Justicia umbrosa (Brazilian plume, Yellow Jacobinia; syn. Adhatoda umbrosa Ness, and Justicia aurea Schltdl.) is an ornamental shrub native of Cerrado vegetation of Brazil. This plant may be propagated by herbaceous stem cutting, and it can usually get to 1,50 – 2,50 m tall. They flourish in the shade, and will not do well if overwatered. 

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This picture also from  hills of Coorg. Please give ID

This is Justicia aurea, I believe.

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I believe it is one of the Jacobinias.


Acanthaceae Week: Justicia aurea – Yellow Jacobinia: Justicia aureaYellow Jacobinia ?
Garden Flower.
Murnaadu, Coorg
01 Sep 2009




Acanthaceae Week: Justicia aurea – Yellow Jacobinia – 2: Acanthaceae Week: Justicia aureaYellow Jacobinia 2
Leaves are large 30-40cms
Wayanad, Kerala
10 Jan 2011



From a plant nursery in Nasik.

Cultivated, garden plant.



Justicia aurea : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Justicia aurea (Acanthaceae)

Coorg Karnataka, 2018 December 
Please correct if wrong identification 



Another from Karnataka : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
same place : Hassan (1000m), Karnataka, january 2019.
Garden of the hotel, seems to be a cultivar…

Justicia aurea Schltdl.